Student And Community Leaders To Champion Sports Safety

14 Nov 2012

Singapore, 14 November 2012 - Student and community leaders champion sports safety and inspire others to follow suit, with the launch of the Sports Safety Champs Programme today. This is part of the Singapore Sports Council's (SSC) ongoing effort to prevent and reduce sports-related accidents in Singapore.

Sports Safety is everyone's responsibility

2. The Sports Safety Champs programme comprises both practical and theory elements to train and equip participants with a variety of safety skills such as injury prevention, first aid guidelines and introduction to CPR. Upon successful completion of the course, Sports Safety Champs will be able to:
i. apply safety principles to sports-related activities;
ii. serve as safety volunteers in PE lessons and other school sports-related events; and
iii. conduct safety promotion activities

3. Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, said that the Ministry, together with partners from the public, private and people sectors, will further develop sports in Singapore, and the strategies will encapsulate the promotion of sports excellence and greater participation in sports, among others. He said, "It's a comprehensive strategy, and underpinning all these strategies is an important element, which is a very strong culture of sports safety."

4. Emphasising the importance of sports safety, Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer of the SSC, added, "We must always be conscious to strive to prevent injuries as much as possible, with the belief that all accidents are preventable. Through the Sports Safety Champs programme, we hope to empower individuals to contribute towards this end, and eventually help Singaporeans live better through sports."

Collaborating with stakeholders to promote sports safety

5. Between March 2011 and November 2012, more than 260 individuals have benefitted from a series of Sports Safety Champs pilot runs. They comprise student leaders and parent support group members from Wellington Primary School, Tampines North Primary School, Nan Chiau High School, and Singapore Institute of Management, as well as volunteers from the People's Association's Community Emergency Response Team.

6. Wellington Primary School was the first to benefit from the pilot. Mr Gary Tsu, Principal of the school, said, "We are constantly working with stakeholders to find ways to develop our students. The Sports Safety Champs programme has helped our students hone their leadership skills while championing this meaningful cause. It has also opened up doors for the school to further our efforts in upholding safety. For instance, we are currently working closely with the SSC and other stakeholders to develop other sports safety programmes for students."

7. Mr Tan Yee Kan, Principal of Nan Chiau High School, echoed Mr Tsu's sentiments. "Our collaboration with SSC has benefitted our students and equipped them with the knowledge to maintain a safe environment for sports activities. As sports safety champs, they share and practise what they have learnt about sports safety, and have even initiated projects to raise the awareness of sports safety," said Mr Tan.

8. Plans are already in place to make available the Sports Safety Champs programme to other schools and partners. 27 other schools have indicated interest in the programme, together with 90 Neighbourhood Committee Chairmen. The SSC is also looking to implement a Train-the-Trainers programme for adults in the near future.


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