WaterFest 2007 - Redefining Waterfront Sporting Lifestyle!

Singapore , 18 Jul 2007

WaterFest 2007 - Redefining Waterfront Sporting Lifestyle!
Singapore, 18 July 2007

Ask any Singaporean and more likely than not, he will tell you that water is something precious for drinking. Yet the Singapore Sports Council hopes to promote through WaterFest Singapore 2007, the idea that beyond drinking, the waters in and around Singapore can also be integral to Singaporeans? urban and sporting lifestyles, and become a major source of fun, entertainment and family bonding.

The Emergence of the Waterfront Sporting Lifestyle
This concept was first mooted by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in the 1970s and over the past few years, various government ministries have in their own ways drawn up plans to promote more interaction between people and water (See Annex A). Among these plans are large-scale projects like the Marina Barrage and the conversion of the Marina Bay area into a freshwater reservoir where people can engage in water sports and other water-related recreational activities. We have also seen a steady increase in residential and commercial waterfront developments in recent years. It is now uber cool to be able to live, work and play next to water bodies in the heart of the city.

While these plans may not be a direct result of the Sports Council's efforts, it hopes to leverage on these initiatives to promote a healthy sporting lifestyle option by the waters. The announcement of the plans to bring Singaporeans closer to its water resources also meant that there is no better time than now to start building an understanding and culture among the people about appreciating water and how they can weave water sports and other water-related activities into their daily lives.

"We have seen over the past few years, significant changes in Singapore that encourage and support the development and blossoming of a waterfront lifestyle," said Mr Low Teo Ping, Chairman of the WaterFest Singapore 2007 Organising Committee and Member of the Water Network Committee. "In line with the emergence of such a culture in Singapore, the WaterFest is a golden opportunity to show all Singaporeans how exciting, desirable and easily attainable a waterfront sporting lifestyle can be."

For six weeks from 25 August to 7 October, Singapore's only international water sports festival, WaterFest Singapore 2007, will bring not just water sports, but also the waterfront sporting lifestyle closer to Singaporeans with a whole slew of water sports and water-related activities. In its third year running, the festival hopes to put in effort to promote to Singaporeans the idea of a waterfront sporting lifestyle so as to make it more attainable and up the desirability of living such a lifestyle. Eventually, WaterFest hopes to make water sports and other water-related activities an indispensable part of the average Singaporean?s lifestyle and draw more Singaporeans to spend more leisure and recreational time by the waterfront.

Development of Water Sports through WaterFest
WaterFest is thus also the ideal time to synergise on what the various government bodies have been doing to showcase and raise the profile of water sports in Singapore.

"We have lined up many exciting recreational and sporting activities which both the young and old can either watch or participate in," said Mr Yazed Osman, Event Director of WaterFest Singapore 2007. "Through these activities, WaterFest hopes to show Singaporeans how they can make better and more creative use of these water resources to further enrich their urban lifestyles in an enjoyable and sustainable way."

WaterFest will begin at the Marina Bay floating platform with its kickoff event, WaterFest by the Bay 2007, on 25 & 26 August. The two-day event will provide a snapshot of all activities that will take place throughout the rest of the festival and will also feature water sports performances by overseas enthusiasts and professionals.

Highlights include awe-inspiring performances by the China ALL STAR Water Ski team who is here for the first time, and breathtaking stunts by world-class wakeboarding professionals at the larger and more exciting Rail Jam. Spectators will also witness heart-stopping water craft races at the inaugural Jetsports Supercourse Challenge. The public can also have their go at getting wet while having fun at the Splash Battle Zone, where they will have to pit their skills against each other in shooting down targets using water guns, the first of its kind in Singapore.

Other WaterFest Singapore Highlights
WaterFest Singapore 2007 has also brought in international sporting events like the Standard Chartered Masters Swimming Series, Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore, which is here in Singapore (and Asia) for the first time, and the FINA 10km Swimming World Cup. Spectators can also look forward to witnessing the SMU Western Circuit Sailing Regatta, the Singapore Biathlon Challenge and the Beach Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament to get a taste of how exhilaration and fun a sporting lifestyle by the beach can bring!

Singaporeans who are not quite as sporty or adventurous to get themselves wet can be a spectator in this colourful festival with the many water, beach, urban and land sports activities, going on live on our shores and other water locales all over the island for a memorable time of family bonding or relaxing fun!

Annex A

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About WaterFest Singapore 2007
The WaterFest Singapore 2007 is Singapore's only international water-sports festival that encompasses competitive and lifestyle events that are fun and exhilarating. The 6-week long festival is into its third year running and will kick off on 25-26 August with events extending till 7 Oct. WaterFest Singapore aims to raise the profile of water sports and water-related recreational activities and bring Singaporeans closer to the various water locales all over the island. Encompassing fun and exhilarating events, WaterFest Singapore hopes to get Singaporeans to experience and enjoy our water facilities and integrate water-related culture and sport into their lifestyles.

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