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Team Singapore at the APG TS Camp

Team Singapore at the APG Camp for Team Singapore

As the team around the team, the Singapore Sports Institute’s (SSI) primary goal is to prepare the national athletes of Team Singapore and get them “as close to the podium” as possible.

For the actual preparation of an athlete, there are many aspects that are unseen to the public eye.

Broadly, the formula starts with the passionate people who form the SSI team; where their strengths are emphasised and combined. With the team, a plan is then formulated and fine-tuned and then applied to the resources at hand. When all of these things are successfully combined, the ideal sports high performance outcome is an environment which fosters sporting breakthroughs and is underscored by the 8 principles of the SSI:

  1. to create a legacy,
  2. be pathway focused,
  3. performance oriented,
  4. coach driven,
  5. research based,
  6. NSA partnered,
  7. innovation integrated; and most importantly,
  8. athlete centered

A brief snapshot of the high performance cycle follows.


To give every chance for a breakthrough, groundwork is laid in the months and years leading up to the event.  High performance planning is done in partnership with the Athlete, Coach and National Sporting Association (NSA) via the SSI high performance manager, sport science staff and with support from the SSI sports development manager. Strength and conditioning, sport science, medicine and nutrition form the pillars of the training regime. The coaching and institutional experiences are assisted by recent interventions such as analytics and big data. From an organisational capability development perspective, the NSA may also utilise big data. For the SSI, analytics and data visualisation are harnessed to help simulate medal projections and prime the SSI team from a resourcing angle.

“Event Day”

During a competition, SSI staff are on hand with the athletes, teams, coaches and NSA staff to effect such things as nutrition, sports medicine and sport psychology or the application of sport science (for example, ice baths to effect active recovery) and video footage capture for analysis and tactical advantage.  Also, importantly, they are on hand to cheer and support Team Singapore. The SSI team consider ourselves the extended family of the athletes and we are with Team Singapore through thick and thin!

Post Competition

A post games review is held at the micro and macro levelswithin SSI and with the relevant stakeholders. It is a key juncture in assessing the progress and achievements that have taken place for each athlete and sport and for the SSI. It is also a time where all parties can celebrate or learn from the experience. Video footage and data visualisation also play important roles in objective assessment and analysis for SSI staff and coaches alike in preparation for the next event.

For the SSI, the last twelve months are an example of such groundwork planning with regards to the culmination of the 8th ASEAN Para Games  –  2015’s final event for Team Singapore, and the event preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil in 2016.

8th ASEAN Para Games

The SSI has had the pleasure of working closely with the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to help Team Singapore. Led by the Chef De Mission, Raja Singh and Henry Tan, and a team combined of SDSC, Sport Singapore and SSI personnel have been working tirelessly to make things happen. With Singapore’s largest contingent (158) competing at the 8th APG, we are confident that the Games which are (at time of this publication) literally only a few days away, will be a huge success for both Team Singapore and the community and there will be a long lasting legacy.

SSI and SDSC for APG

SSI and SDSC staff working hand in hand

Preparation for 2016

SSI has been utilising a targeted support approach where the Rio Olympics and Paralympics 2016 will be the culmination of comprehensive four-year planning efforts with sports that have demonstrated the ability to achieve at major events. During the Olympic games themselves, SSI will be ensuring that the Singapore House facility will be set up nearby the Games Village to provide seamless and holistic  sports medicine and sport science support to the athletes at the games. Having visited Brazil recently for a tour and facilities readiness assessment, things are on track for yet another stunning Olympics and Paralympics event and I firmly believe for Team Singapore, many breakthroughs!

SSI visiting Olympic Facilities in Rio

Onsite at Rio

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