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Team Building through the Team Singapore ‘spex ‘way of life

The Singapore Sports Institute’s (SSI) Athlete Life Department is proud to be prototyping a corporate team building activity in 2016 – a prototype which combines the best elements of Motivation, Team Culture, Corporate Wellness and Sporting Team Building Activity. 
After two recent test engagements with our SSI partners, OSIM (massage chairs and lifestyle products) and Sequoia Group (Organisational Development), the feedback received has been stellar and all it needs is a bit of fine-tuning before the prototype can be officially rolled out to the partners on the spexBusiness Network in 2017.
The Ingredients
spexEthos is a teambuilding programme with a difference - where partners of the spexBusiness Network experience excellence through three components:
1. Team Building Activities through a myriad of sports such as Dragon Boating, Kayaking, Volleyball and even Dance Sports
2. Corporate Wellness such as SSI’s Nutrition Workshops and Strength & Fitness segments and;
3. Interacting with Team Singapore (TS) Athletes; experiencing the activities with the Athletes and hearing about what motivates them in their quest for excellence
For the first prototype session, 20 staff from Osim including their General Manager, Lynn Tan, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Marketing, met with 10 TS athletes from sports such as Dragonboating, Taekwondo, Dance Sport and Bowling. The OSIM team got to hear from Shanice Ng, Captain of Dragonboating and Chelsea Sim of Taekwondo on what motivated them to do sports, what they sacrificed to reach their goals, what a typical week of training for them constituted and what they felt was important for anyone to be motivated to achieve in whatever they do. 

Chelsea Sim Team Singapore Taekwando

Chelsea Sim, Team Singapore Taekwando, sharing as to what motivates her

Thereafter, OSIM staff were taken on a tour of the SSI premises, where they visited the Human Performance Lab, Environmental Chamber, Altitude House and Bio-mechanics Lab. They were also guided through a series of core strengthening exercises by SSI Strength and Conditioning Coach, Danny Lum, with the assistance of the TS athletes, followed by a Q&A session. 
Corporate Singapore learns from Team Singapore The final segment of the prototype session was a Dragonboat excursion on the Kallang River where the OSIM staff got to paddle shoulder to shoulder with Team Singapore athletes and learn about the intricacies of team work and communication – valuable experience that is easily translatable to the workplace, as commented by various OSIM staff members. Link to the video can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/ssissc/videos/1005897946157447/
The second spexEthos session was attended by the Sequoia Group, including its Founder, Jacqueline Wong, as well as members from the senior management. The session kicked off with sharings from Wushu athlete, Xiang Tian Tan and Benny Lam from Track and Field. The sharing was followed by an early morning Kayaking session followed by a “Masterchef Asia” sports nutrition workshop conducted by SSI Associate Sports Dietician Cheryl Teo. Link to the video of the session can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/ssissc/videos/1036239216456653/

Benny Lam, Team Singapore Track&Field

Benny Lam, Track and Field shares what motivates him.

Sequoia post Kayak session

Sequoia and Team Singapore post Kayak Session

one team singapore cook off

Two cooking teams, One Team Singapore!

Valuing Team Singapore 
The spexEthos is conceptualised largely based on the belief that the DNA of excellence of our national athletes and the core tenets of Team Singapore are underscored by Significance, Passion and Excellence. Athletes must have the passion to train and compete and ultimately strive for excellence. The value of “doing significance” highlights the importance of achievement such as winning medals but most importantly to “do good” and give back to society. Peggy Tng, Head of Athlete Life for SSI and NYSI comments. 
“Ultimately, the hope of spexEthos is to grow a living community that embraces the sporting excellence or “spex” way of life, and the transfer of these values into the workplace in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction and personal goal setting.”
However, the unique takeaway is that through spexEthos, TS Athletes have the opportunity to hone their interaction skills with a demographic not previously accessible. 
Judging by the looks of enjoyment on the faces of the participants from both “corporate” Singapore and “Team Singapore”, the seeds of the thriving community are beginning to take root. 
More about Athlete Life Department
-Human Before Superhuman-

As part of the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), the Athlete Life Department carries out SSI’s mission in nurturing Singapore’s athletes holistically and empowering them for significance. The four pillars which form the work of Athlete Life are in the areas of (i) Education (ii) Career (iii) Life Skills Development and (iv) Developing Team Singapore Identity & Culture, effectively equipping athletes with the skillset and awareness to cope effectively with the dual demands of sports and their career as well as a transition post sporting career. A team passionate about deepening the quality of relationships with all they meet and supporting Team Singapore. 

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