Message from Bob May 2016

High Performance – Athletes & NSA’s
There are many pots on boil at the Singapore Sports Institute as we head into the second quarter of 2016. High performance preparations continue for the athletes that have qualified or seek qualification to the Rio Olympics and Paralympics in August/September and we look to deepen the quality of our relationships with the National Sports Associations through the continuation of “the New Partnership” and deep dive discussions. 
2016 spexScholars

spexScholars 2016 Batch

NSAP Breakout

NSA Networking Session

Other recent milestones are the 2016 intake of spex scholars where 17 athletes across 19 different sports were awarded spex scholarship support and also on the progress made at the inaugural ASIA congress – the Association of Sports Institutes in Asia - in Tokyo, Japan. I am optimistic about this Association as it seeks to raise the high performance  game across Asia, facilitate collaboration, enhance the overall competency and establish bench-marking within Asia from a global perspective. 

ASIA Inaugural Congress
Inaugural ASIA congress – the Association of Sports Institutes in Asia

Closer to home, the SSI Sports nutrition department is working closely with both SportsCares and ActiveSG to spread the healthy eating message that our athletes live by, into the community. A range of clinics and sessions are being planned and intended to be rolled out in 2nd quarter 2016. 

Athlete Life 
The continuing alignment between the SSI and NYSI Athlete Life department is a crucial piece in taking high performance to the next level and ensuring that the nurturing of Singapore’s athletes is done so holistically and that they are empowered for significance. I believe that this is an important point to note – that athletes must be assured and confident people, armed with life skills education, career, identity and awareness in order to achieve effectively. 

I’m also excited to note that by the time the Starting Line has been published, we would have officially launched the “Sponsorship for Athletes” book. Backed by Deloitte Singapore’s sponsorship and support, and with the authorship of Vickie Saunders, an Athlete Sponsorship Expert, the book  is the first of its kind in Singapore  and equips athletes with the know-how to engage meaningful, valuable, sustainable and enjoyable sponsorships.

Team Singapore shoulder to shoulder with Corporate Singapore
Finally, as someone who has attended 9 Olympic games and been a part of many corporate engagements the spexEthos Teambuilding initiative is a very exciting project that is being prototyped this year. I see it as a win-win-WIN situation where not only does Corporate Singapore benefit from teambuilding through sports participation, corporate wellness with Team Singapore athletes, but Team Singapore gets to benefit by honing their ambassadorial skills as they share their stories. 

Sequoia post Kayak session
Teambuilding Session with Team Singapore and OSIM

Ultimately, it is Singapore that benefits as Team Singapore can only get stronger with the support and understanding of Corporate Singapore. I believe that this success is due to the unique ecosystem of Singapore, where the stakeholders are committed, the momentum of the SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games last year is having a long tail effect  and the passion is strong.   

SSI will continue to be part of these many exciting initiatives and ultimately create an environment that will lead to breakthroughs over the long term and hopefully, eventually, day to day.

Onwards and upwards. 

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