JK Technology Riding the Bandwagon of Sport

This article was first published before the 28th SEAGames, in “Entrepreneurs’ Digest”, a magazine by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME).

Singapore played host to the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), the region’s most prestigious multi-sport event, from 5-16 June 2015. This year was especially significant as it was held in conjunction with Singapore's 50th anniversary. Featuring 36 sports, over 7,000 athletes and officials from 11 South East Asian states, the SEA Games garnered strong support from the community, with over half a million spectators watching the intense sporting action across the 31 venues, and over 60 million views of the broadcasts on the SEA Games YouTube channel. Over 100 MNCs and SMEs had seen the value proposition of strong branding through sport and came on board to be a sponsor of the SEA Games.

JK Technology, a leading one-stop IT solutions provider is one such SME which was motivated to sponsor the SEA Games. 

“We chose to sponsor the 28th Sea Games as this is the first time Singapore is hosting the event in 22 years. Since we are celebrating our company’s 25th Anniversary and we wanted to do something big that will represent a major milestone for our company, the SEA Games platform provides the right fit,” said Mr Eugene Ang, Managing Director of JK Technology.

JK Tech

Partnership Ceremony for SEA Games

A Platform for Showcasing Capabilities
SEA Games 2015 was indeed an excellent platform for JK Technology to showcase its IT capabilities to a wide audience. At the Games, JK Technology provided 450 printers, 100 scanners and 1,450 laptops with accessories, along with IT installation and configuration services across the 31 competition venues, as well as support centres such as the Main Press Centre. With JK Technology’s software and hardware expertise and support, the SEA Games was delivered seamlessly and in a secured manner.  

When JK Technology’s sponsorship in SEA Games was announced, Mr Ang had received many compliments and congratulatory messages from both customers and vendors. 

“It is unprecedented that an SME like us was able to pull off a sponsorship deal like this. Our Company’s profile was raised immediately and the sponsorship normally forms one of our conversation topics during our meetings with customers,” said Mr Ang.

Fostering a Cohesive Team
However, the journey to the success delivery of the Games was not easy at all, especially for a home-grown company like JK Technology. When JK Technology first undertook the sponsorship, Mr Ang recalled the uncertainties on whether they could fulfil such an enormous task. 

“Deploying such a large number of IT equipment and manpower to an event of such scale can be daunting,” remarked Mr Ang. “We took the challenge in stride and through some careful planning, we pulled through our task smoothly.”

Mr Ang attributed this achievement to the support from the employees who were all thrilled and in sync with their management to make the SEA Games a success. Since the sponsorship was announced, JK Technology had seen the lowest staff turnover rate in its history.
“We have never done anything like this before. The staffs knew the enormity of the task at hand and all of them wanted to make this a great success for the company,” said Mr Ang, who observed that the months of preparations leading up to the SEA Games were filled with anticipation and excitement. “Morale was high throughout as they all wanted to chip in ensure success in the event.”

Forging Friendships and Bonds Through Sport
Besides the 28th SEA Games, JK Technology was involved in Youth Olympic Games in 2010, the 2012 Singapore National Games and the OUE Singapore Open badminton championships.

Through his continuous support for local sporting events, Mr Ang believes in the values that sport can instil. “Through sports, I have made many friends and seen many great friendships and bonds develop. Sports bring people of many different races, nationalities and cultures together and it is my little contribution that can add to this cause.”

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