Message from Bob Gambardella Chief Singapore Sports Institute

Welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of “The Starting Line”.

Alive and Kicking

Without a doubt, it is an exciting time for the sporting community in Singapore - with the backdrop of Vision 2030 and The New Partnership, the strategic framework for all parties invested in the sporting community has been aligned moving forward.

Coupled with the recent opening of the new Singapore Sports Hub, the preparation of our national athletes for the 2015 SEA Games, the line-up of major sporting events such as the visits of the Juventus Football club, and the Maori All Blacks and events such as the 2014 Asean Basketball League and The BNP Paribas WTA Finals, the Singapore sporting community has never been more vibrant.

The People Behind the Sport

What many people may not understand is that the performance of the athlete on the field of play is more than just a combination of natural talent and commitment. Without the tireless support of each National Sporting Association as a governing body representing a fraternity, the specialist volunteers, coaches and the sports administrators who invest their own hard earned time and expertise (often outside of their own day job) in order to grow the sport – very little would be achieved.

The Modern Sport Organisation

It takes more than just time and hard work behind the scenes. It takes dedication to effectively run a sporting organisation. It takes focus and a commitment to strategy and values to grow a sport and nurture the very athletes that inspire the community at large. Leadership and governance coupled with continuity are key aspects that the modern sporting organisation must strive for. You can get an insight into sponsorship here. The transformation of a volunteer organisation into a sustainable, professional sporting organisation is just as much an achievement off the field as it is on the winner’s podium or in a mass participation event.

Recently we worked with TSE Consulting, an international consulting firm specialised in sport – in an organisational development analysis exercise. Though just one step in a long journey, we took away from the consultation key attributes of what comprises an ideal sporting organisation. You can read more about this concept here.

We have a new amazing world class facility in the form of the Singapore Sports Hub and together we are a dedicated and committed community that faces a bright future of organisational excellence and sporting achievement. We invite our valued partners to continue to evolve with us, and transform strategically, substantively and from an organisational perspective, in order for Singapore to live better through sport.

Bob Gambardella, Chief, Singapore Sports Institute

Chief Bob Gambardella, Singapore Sports Institute

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