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Ministry of Culture, Community Youth (MCCY) issues innovation challenge to all National Sports Associations (NSA) with the launch of a $25 million NSA Innovation Grant. 

The NSA Innovation Grant aims to encourage all NSAs to come forward with ground-breaking concepts and solutions that will help shape sports over the next decade.  

Together with Singapore Sports Institute’s The New Partnership, a strategic framework for all parties invested in the sporting community, it is hoped that the introduction of such a Grant will lead to ground-breaking concepts and ideas being unearthed; transforming the sporting landscape through value creation and the eventual pervasiveness of an innovative culture.  

It is also hoped that the Grant will invigorate and energise all NSAs, especially since innovative thinking will aid in the transformation of the respective NSAs’ sport delivery and eco-systems.

What is Innovation?

The best innovations out there are often proven to be great creative ideas that are either improvements or enhancements of existing processes or technologies.  And innovativeness must also be measured through the effect it has on the overall ecosystem and the driving principles behind these enhancements.

As underscored by CEO of Sport Singapore, Mr Lim Teck Yin:

We must be very clear about what the situation in the sport is, and what is a game changer. What would be an interesting catalyst to inject new energy to take that sport to the next level?

The innovation is not just the way you do it. It’s in having the clarity that if you target a certain outcome, that outcome will have incremental effects on the system.” (ST: 19/3/14)

Recent Example of Innovation

The Marina Channel Race Course project demonstrates many innovative “Game Changing Elements”. The implementation of a demarcated race course allows it to become a ready venue for international races, major games and training grounds for elite athletes that are not previously available. The impact is that it becomes a catalyst for attracting local and  international participants, event partners, broadcasters and sponsors due to the Course being an iconic venue. Furthermore, it will spur growth for water sports like Dragonboat, Canoe and Rowing.

Collaborative Components


What Qualifies as “Innovation”?

For the purpose of the Grant, Sport Singapore wants to hear about innovations that will:

• serve as a catalyst to invigorate the sport;
• be a new engine for growth for the sport/NSA;
• be a game-changer for the sport/NSA;
• possess the desired incremental and long-term effect on sport’s delivery and eco-system.

Grant Application

Application for Grants will open 15 February and close 15 May 2015 and approved proposals will be announced in October 2015.

Please contact your respective Sports Development Manager for clarification or assistance with application submission. 

Application Timelines Innovation Grant


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