Message from Bob Apr 2015

Wall of the Athlete Services Centre

The wall of the Athlete Services Centre, last week of March 2015

Moving Forward

My original intent for this message was to underscore a key opportunity Singaporeans have at the coming 28th SEA Games to showcase our unconditional support to all Team Singapore athletes regardless of whether they win a medal or not.

However, with the passing of Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I have decided to instead dedicate this message as an affirmation of his legacy.

In the days after Mr Lee’s demise, Singaporeans have unprecedentedly shown their resolute commitment in standing tall together - against all odds braving the rain and long queues. 

And I am confident that we will see the same level of national pride being displayed at the coming 28th SEA Games, chests swelling and hearts filled with unwavering support for our Team Singapore athletes and NSAs.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the 28th SEA Games afforded us an opportunity that underpins our shared values – one that highlights sports as the focal point of the community.

And SSI, with its mission of “excellence through sports” has been and will continue to play a significant role in ensuring the success of the 28th SEA Games.

A long road to the starting line

Many of us get involved in sports to effect a change and help our Team Singapore athletes.   And as we busy ourselves steadfastly leading up to the Games, I would like to take a step back and use this opportunity to thank my team here at SSI for their invaluable dedication and commitment they have selflessly displayed to their respective craft. 

Before the first whistle is blown, there would have been months of intensive preparation from the dedicated staff of Sport Singapore and the many volunteers that have chosen to commit their time to such a massive sports event.

As I walk around the Singapore Sports Institute, I could feel the palpable air of anticipation as our various divisions work closely with the various NSAs to make this the best SEA Games ever. 

Everyone from our sports scientists, sports medicine personnel, athlete services, nutritionists, coaching development, analytics personnel together with the high performance department have been busy optimising the already bustling efforts of the NSA’s to ensure our athletes have the best chance to achieve their dreams.

Specific thanks must also go to the often unheralded Business Ops and Business planning departments of the SSI and our Sports Development Managers and the 28th SEA Games Team led by Abdul Rahman Hassan. Rahman’s team have been working to make sure the Games proceed without a hitch and with an oversight over the management of the sports equipment, ensuring the training and competition schedule is effective and well thought out and the events are well run as well as working closely with each of the 36 sports competition managers.

I would like to my upmost respect and appreciation to the teams from SSI and Sport SG as well as the NSAs for putting in the hard work to set the scene.

Together, we are #OneTeamSG.

See you all in June.


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