High Performance Sports Support

Our High Performance Sports Support (HPSS) team provides both financial and non-financial assistance to support our athletes’ sporting endeavours by means of various programmes. 

Sports Excellence Carding (spexCarding)

spexCarding is the entry point into the national sports development system. 

All athletes must be nominated by their respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) before they will be allowed into the national sports development system. 

NSAs can submit applications online through the Information System for Coaches, Athletes and NSAs (iCAN). 

Multiple Achievements:
Consideration for High Performance Sports pathway support is based on the athlete’s profile / potential to achieve at the Major games or its equivalent. Performance is assessed based on the athlete’s holistic achievement profile and not on just a single point of achievement during the assessment period. For Level 1 and 2 carding; athletes must demonstrate these levels of achievement in senior events.

Carding Recommendation Guidelines:

 Carding Level

Minimum Achievement at Major Games or Equivalent Competition in preceding year

L1 (L = Level)

 Top 8 at Olympic Games / World Championships


 Top 6 at Asian Games / Top 3 at Commonwealth Games


 Top 4 at the last SEA Games


 Individual sports: Top 3 at a National Open Championships
Team sports: Medal at Regional Championships, with at least 6 participating countries

 National Age Group
L4P (P=Provisional)
 Youth/Developmental athletes

Sports Excellence Training Assistance Grant (spexTAG) 

spexTAG is a training grant to help our athletes defray costs such as personal training equipment, apparel, public transport expenses to and from training venue and meals. 

This grant supplements other financial assistance that our athletes may be receiving from the Sport Singapore, National Sports Associations (NSAs) or other sources. 


Sports Excellence Athletes Career and Training  (spexACT) 

The ACT programme aims to help our L1 and L2 elite athletes fulfill their highest sporting potential and develop essential life-skills by providing financial assistance. The programme works by: 

  • Enabling our athletes to focus on the demand of elite sports without distractions
  • Providing financial support towards critical components of high performance programmes
  • Helping athletes attain the necessary qualifications and skills in preparation for a post-athletic career


Sports Excellence Medical Insurance Cover (spexMEDIC) 

spexMEDIC is an insurance policy covering:

  • Athletes approved under the spexCarding system
  • Sport Singapore-funded national coaches 

spexMEDIC provides coverage for injury sustained during national training and local or overseas competitions, as agreed to by the NSAs. 


Sports Excellence Grant for Loss of Wages (spexGLOW)

The Sport Singapore recognises the athletes’ need for periodised full-time training and/or centralised training stints prior to 4 major Games:

  • Olympic Games
  • Asian Games
  • Commonwealth & SEA Games
  • World Championship

As such, spexGLOW aims to provide financial assistance to our carded athletes in the workforce, who are unable to get full-pay unrecorded leave for the period of:

  • Major Games
  • Centralised training in preparation for the major Games and World Championships 

For more details of our programmes, download the SSI High Performance Sports Programme and Services Handbook.

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