Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology plays a critical role in performance enhancement and in developing and maintaining athletes’ wellbeing within the competitive sports environment. 

Our Services

SSI strives to deliver comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based psychology services to enable individuals and teams achieve peak performance.
We aim to equip athletes with an understanding of their psychological functioning. SSI also works to build athletes’ ability to employ a range of psychological strategies to thrive under pressure, such as: 

  • Psychological skills to reach performance potential
  • Self-regulation of Cognition, Emotions and Behaviour
  • Competition Preparation - Optimal Performance States 
  • Psychological Recovery and Injury Management

Athlete Assessment and Profiling

We perform athlete profiling through an in-depth analysis of key psychological attributes for high performance sport.

SSI uses the Vienna Test System (VTS), a leading computerised psychological assessment tool with over 120 cognitive, motor skill, reaction time, and personality tests. 

VTS ensures the highest possible level of objectivity and precision and the ability to establish longitudinal data of norms within Singapore Sport.

Emotional Regulation – Biofeedback

Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of our physiological functions such as brainwaves, muscle tone, breathing rate, skin conductance and heart rate and learning how to manipulate them at will.

Our psychologists use Thought Technology's Pro Comp biofeedback systems, which provide the optimal tool for understanding stress, relaxation training and teaching emotional regulation.

All elite athletes will experience fear, anxiety and worries at some point during major competition. By equipping athletes with the psychological skills required to perform well under pressure, our psychologists are able to provide athletes with the understanding of how to achieve their optimal state for competition.

Psychological Recovery and Wellbeing

Recovery is a crucial aspect of an athlete’s ability to attain optimal performance state during competition.

Relaxation, positive mood and quality of sleep are key components of recovery.

Our psychologists harness technology to monitor these components. An example is Actiwatch, a device used to measure the quality of sleep. It is a rugged, reliable, and unobtrusive actigraphy device that is waterproof and equipped with a light sensor and event marker to record when events of significance occur.

In the near future, the mental performance laboratory will also be equipped with facilities which will focus on simulation training.

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