Coaching Behind a Mask

Time: 24 October 2020 (Saturday), 2pm to 3.30pm

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Coaching Behind a Mask (Practical Workshop)

(For All NROC Coaches)


The ongoing pandemic has created some unique challenges for sports and fitness coaches to deliver their usual on-site training sessions. One of the hurdles that immediately stands out is the wearing of a face mask to coach. Challenges in voice projection, reading of facial cues and tactile instructions are the major hurdles faced by the coach.

Coaching athletes and clients with short sentences through cues may assist the coach to facilitate a training session with few, but impactful instructions. The goal of cueing is to narrow the athlete's attention to focus on the most relevant feature of a movement being learned. The strategies shared during this workshop will empower coaches to foster a learning environment for their athletes and clients to excel in their mastery of training and exercise inside the gym. This is the art of coaching.

This workshop** is open to group exercise instructors (HIIT, Bootcamp, etc), Sports coaches (Athletics, etc) and Strength & Conditioning Coaches. All levels and expertise are welcome to create an open atmosphere for everyone to share their experience and learn from one another.

** Participants can look forward to receiving an assessment checklist and video recording of their coaching session after the workshop.

Workshop syllabus:

  • The art of coaching
  • The coaching language
  • Self-determination theory
  • Internal vs. external cueing
  • Constraints-based coaching
  • Shadow coaching and critical feedback

About the Presenters

This workshop will be co-facilitated by:

  • Mr Julian Lim has been involved in high performance strength and conditioning for the past decade for elite, national and amateur level athletes. This has given him extensive skills and experience in the field of sport performance training. Julian has also completed his master degree in sports science, investigating the effects of strength training on performance enhancement of Singapore’s national athletes. His post-graduate studies had enabled him to gain knowledge in the area of strength/power performance monitoring and the research has been translated into scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is also a firm believer in movement-based training and prehabilitation through the Functional Movement Screen™ system. This has shaped his coaching philosophy to train athletes with sound movement patterns that reduce injury potential, while enhancing athletic competency.
  • Mr Etienne Ding has coached elite athletes in sports specific fitness, especially in team sports such as football and volleyball. He has also brought and shared his expertise to the general public as he believes sports and exercise science is beneficial to all levels of sporting expertise. In his line of work, he has supported the National Youth Teams and Senior Teams at several major international competitions such as the Youth Olympics Game (YOG) in 2010, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) games, World Cup Qualifiers and ASEAN Games. Aside from coaching, he lectures the topics of exercise prescription and coaching science at institutes of higher learning in Singapore. He hopes that by sharing and educating his knowledge and experiences through these platforms, coaches and athletes will have an added edge to their practice or sport through evidence-based methods.
  • Mr Lim Yao Peng was a former Team Singapore track and field sprinter during his junior to senior years and has been to SEA Games (2011 and 2017) and was a finalist for the 4 x 100m relay in the World University Games 2013.In the past decade as a speed and strength coach, he has worked with athletes from amateur to national level across various age groups. He is also currently involved in the fitness industry as a co-founder of GRITYARD.

Date and Time

24 October 2020 (Saturday), 2pm to 3.30pm



2 College Road

Singapore 169850


S$35.00 per pax (include GST)

CCE Hours

1.5 hours



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