Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) Workshop

Time: 10 April 2018 (Tuesday), 9am - 4pm

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The full-day ‘Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) for Coaching in Singapore Schools’ workshop (to replace "National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) / Building Capacity of Coaches and Instructors (BCCI)”) is jointly organised by the Sport Singapore and the Ministry of Education (MOE). This workshop will enable participants to develop their own personal coaching philosophies, design sports programmes with the ‘Game of Life’ Framework and leverage values and attributes in the development of a successful sports team.

Visit Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) for more information.


Please note that you do not need to attend VPS workshop if you have any of the following certificates:

  • National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) for Coaching in Singapore Schools; or
  • SG-Coach Level 1 Theory (conducted by Republic Polytechnic (RP)); or
  • 'Building Capacity of Coaches and Instructors (BCCI)' workshop

Date and Time

10 April 2018 (Tuesday), 9am - 4pm


To be confirmed

Costs and e2i Funding Policy



Course Fee

(before e2i funding)

NROC Coach: S$25 per pax

Non-NROC Coach: S$50 per pax

Nett Fee

(after e2i funding)

NROC Coach: S$13.30 per pax

Non-NROC Coach: S$26.60 per pax

All above quoted pricing includes 7% GST.

Funding Policy

  • e2i funding is available for Singaporeans and PRs only
  • Participants eligible for e2i funding must achieve at least 75% attendance at the workshop
  • In the event that participants do not meet the minimum attendance required or no show, please refer to table below


For participants with less than 75% attendance or no-show

With valid reason for absence (with or without supporting documentation

(e.g. medical certificates))

Without valid reason for absence

Can I get a refund?



but you are allowed to request to attend the subsequent VPS workshop at no additional cost.


but you are allowed to attend the next / future VPS workshop at the current rates.

Do I have to pay back e2i subsidy?



Do I have to pay to attend the next / future VPS workshop? (subject to availability)




Am I still eligible for e2i subsidy when I register for my next / future VPS workshop?


Not Applicable


How much do I have to pay for the next / future VPS workshop?


All rates include GST:


Singaporeans and PRs

NROC Coaches:

S$13.30 per pax

Non-NROC Coaches:

S$26.60 per pax



NROC Coaches:

S$25 per pax

Non-NROC Coaches:

S$50 per pax


CCE Hours

6 hours


Registration Closed


Please note that the provision of publicity and recognition of CCE hours for the above courses/workshops/seminar is purely informative and coaches are advised to select their choice of CCE courses/workshops/seminars best suited for their learning needs. Sport Singapore does not have direct regulatory powers over the organisers delivering the publicised courses/workshops/seminars.

For further enquires and assistance, email us at

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