Speed and Quickness Workshop

Time: 14 March 2018 (Wednesday), 10am to 12pm

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Speed and Quickness Workshop by CoachSG

(For NROC Coaches coaching sports that require speed and quickness)


This workshop is suitable for coaches working in sports where on-land speed and quickness development is important to your athlete’s performance.

The objective(s) of this workshop are: 

  • Understand and apply knowledge of the underlying sports science (biomechanics, physiology and psychology) in sprint and hurdle running
  • Understand and apply speed and quickness training for athletes based according to scientific evidence
  • Understand and apply speed and quickness training for athletes based on competitive level

About the Workshop Presenter

This workshop is conducted by Dr. Mitsuo Otsuka. Mitsuo is currently a visiting professor at the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI). He is an Assistant Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Japan. Dr. Mitsuo publishes scientific papers as a researcher and also coaches University athletes.

Date and Time

14 March 2018 (Wednesday), 10am to 12pm [FULL]


Kallang Practice Track (KPT)

52 Stadium Road

Singapore 397724

Backup Venue (for inclement weather)

Gates 9 and 10

100 Plus Promenade (running tracks around Singapore Sports Hub National Stadium)



CCE Hours

2 hours


Thank you for your interest. This workshop is full and closed for registration.


Please note that the provision of publicity and recognition of CCE hours for the above courses/workshops/seminar is purely informative and coaches are advised to select their choice of CCE courses/workshops/seminars best suited for their learning needs. Sport Singapore does not have direct regulatory powers over the organisers delivering the publicised courses/workshops/seminars.

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