Programme - CoachSG Conference 2017

CoachSG Conference 2017 - Coaching Better Every Day

CoachSG Conference 2017


Updates on Development Front for Coaching in Singapore 
by Mr Troy Engle, Director, CoachSG

Updates on Development Front for Coaching in Singapore 
Keynote Address 1
Developing Coaching Excellence: Global Trends and Good Practice 
by Mr John Bales, President of International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE)

Coaching is an essential part of an effective sport system, and this presentation will describe how countries and sport organizations are developing their coaches and some of the important trends in coach education.

The International Council for Coaching Excellence is striving to build the profession of coaching, to create a strong coaching workforce supported by skilled Coach Developers – helping coaches to get better every day.

Developing Coaching Excellence: Global Trends and Good Practice   
Keynote Address 2
Principles Of Quality Coaching 
by Dr Wade Gilbert, PhD, California State University

Although every coach has their own unique style of coaching, there are some common principles of quality coaching that all coaches should know.

These principles provide the foundation for the International Sport Coaching Framework and the coaching approach used by legendary basketball coach John Wooden, considered by many to be the greatest coach of all time.

This session will be used to present the principles, definitions of effective coaching, and examples of how coach Wooden and other legendary coaches apply the principles in their everyday coaching.

Principles Of Quality Coaching 

Plenary Session 1 
Kaizen Of Coaching Culture In Japan 
by Prof Masamitsu Ito, Vice-Director, Nippon Sports Science University Coach Developer Academy
(note: slide do not have videos)

‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. (Oxford dictionary).

Japan is currently undertaking Kaizen of coaching practices which includes the thorough review of the national coaching qualification system. A working team finalized the Coaching Model Core Curriculum in March 2016, which will be used as the framework for curriculums at universities and other sport organizations. Coach developers are the key to this movement and Nippon Sports Science (NSSU) will start developing them in late 2017.

NSSU have been accumulating experiences and knowledge on how to develop coach developers by hosting NSSU-ICCE coach developer academy in Tokyo since 2014 under the umbrella of Sport for Tomorrow, a legacy project towards 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games by the Japanese government.

In this session, the challenges faced in Japan regarding changing our coaching culture will be shared and discussed from the international and domestic points of view.

Kaizen Of Coaching Culture In Japan  
Plenary Session 2
Coaching Better Every Day 
by Dr Wade Gilbert, PhD California State University

Coaching Better Every Day 
Coaches Workshop
Using Reflection To Become A Better Coach 
by Dr Wade Gilbert, PhD California State University

Reflection consolidates experience into learning and allows a coach to critically analyze outcomes and meanings of an experience.

Reflection strategies used by championship coaches will be shared along with a discussion on the science of reflective practice. 

Throughout the session, coaches will participate in activities designed to stimulate reflection on quality coaching and their own coaching effectiveness.
The activities are drawn from the workshop leader’s experience teaching a wide range of national and Olympic team coaches how to reflect on their daily coaching practice to become better coaches.

Part 1

Part 2

Using Reflection To Become A Better Coach 



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