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CoachSG Conference 2017 - Coaching Better Every Day

CoachSG Conference 2017

Thank you for your overwhelming support for the CoachSG conference!

Presentation slides are now available for download.

CoachSG Conference

The inaugural CoachSG Conference 2017 will bring together three of the world’s pre-eminent coach educators to share their insights and expertise from the global field of coaching.

Why you should attend CoachSG Conference 2017

‣ Hear from the world’s leading experts in coaching

‣ Network with who’s who of Singapore’s coaching industry

‣ Learn more about what CoachSG can offer you

Who should attend? 

Coaches, technical directors, coach developers, sport administrators and anybody with a passion for coaching!!! 

Be among the first in Singapore to start “Coaching Better Every Day”

Themed “Coaching Better Every Day”, the two-day Conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the world of coaching. You will also hear first-hand from CoachSG about the enhanced support in place to guide you in your journey towards becoming better leaders and mentors.



John Bales Wade Gilbert Dr Masamitsu Ito

John Bales
President of the International Council of Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and Olympic Coach

Dr Wade Gilbert
Coach Education Advisor and Author of the highly acclaimed coaching manual "Coaching Better Every Season"

Professor Masamitsu Ito
Professor at Nippon Sports Science University and Vice-Director of the NSSU Coach Developer Academy


Joyden Hall

201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, #07-01 

Singapore 188067


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