Continuing Coach Education Grant


The Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Grant provides financial support to National Sports Associations (NSAs) to provide upgrading opportunities for their coaches through the organising of conferences, seminars or workshops (excluding SG-Coach Technical courses).

What can be covered?

Only the following items will be covered by the CCE Grant:

  • Return Economy class airfare (for international speakers only) with
  • Maximum of 4-star hotel accommodation (for international speakers only) for the duration of the programme, additional nights will have to be paid for by the NSA;
  • Course Conductor fee (does not include meal and transport allowance);
  • Venue rental fee;
  • Course materials; and
  • Refreshments

Who can apply?

All NSAs

What needs to be submitted?

For application:

  • CCE Grant application form
  • Course Conductor(s) C.V.
  • Detailed CCE programme information

For Post-Programme Report:

  • Post-programme summary report
  • Statement of Accounts (SOA) (certified correct by the NSA’s authorised personnel)
  • Copies of receipts supporting the claims (certified correct by the NSA’s authorised personnel)
  • Summary of feedback from participants
  • A set of programme materials
  • Photographs from the event

It is the responsibility of the NSA to ensure that each submission is complete and submitted in a timely manner. Any incomplete submission will result in the delay of approval and disbursement of the CCE Grant.

When to apply?

1. For NSAs with allocated grant:

  • Funds will be disbursed quarterly based on reimbursement. NSAs will need to submit the documents stated for the Post-Programme Report.

2. For NSAs without allocated grant:

  • NSAs which are not allocated with the grant are still eligible to apply, subject to availability of funds.
  • A complete application should be submitted to SportSG at least 1 month before the commencement of the programme. This is to allow time for processing for approval on the application. NSAs needing funds should plan to submit their application earlier.
  • SportSG will not accept any application once the programme has started. NSAs will be notified either verbally or in writing on the outcome of their application.

How much?

NSAs are eligible to obtain 75% of the cost of approved items or a maximum cap of $5,000 whichever is lower. NSAs may charge a nominal fee to the participants if deemed necessary. The actual approved amount will be determined by:

  • The quality of the programme;
  • The NSA’s timeliness in submitting the application; and
  • The NSA’s CCE Grant allocation


1. For NSAs with allocated grant:

The approval grant will be disbursed on a quarterly basis. NSAs need to submit the Post-Programme Report, Statement of Accounts, feedback from participants, copies of receipts and programme materials within 2 weeks upon conclusion of the programme. Failure to abide by the submission deadline would result in the return of the disbursed grant to SportSG.

2. For NSAs without allocated grant:

The approval grant will be disbursed on a quarterly basis upon submission of the Post-Programme Report, Statement of Accounts; feedback from participants, copies of receipts and programme materials within 2 weeks upon conclusion of the programme. Late submission could result in the forfeiture of the approval grant.

SportSG reserves the right to adjust the approved grant based on the actual submissions where appropriate.

Terms and Conditions

The applicant shall refund SportSG the full disbursed grant amount should the applicant, without valid reasons and where applicable:

  1. Failure to fulfil all the necessary procedures and requirements;
  2. Failure to ensure that the eventual recipients of the training and development, serve the agreement by carry out post-CCE programme development plans; or
  3. Failure to ensure that the foreign expert engaged holds the relevant approval from the authorities (e.g. professional visit pass) to conduct courses in Singapore

False declaration in any form may effect immediate disqualification from the grant.

The applicant can only apply for reimbursements (claims) on expenditure items approved in the initial CCE Grant application.

Developers/trainers engaged by the NSA should possess the necessary recognised qualifications and experience, and fulfil other selection criteria as identified by the NSA.

The above terms and conditions of the CCE Grant is subject to periodical review and SportSG reserves the right to make amendments without prior notification. NSAs may contact SportSG for any latest updates.

Please download application form here. The Post-Programme Report template can be found here.

For more information, please contact:

Coach Development

Singapore Sports Institute

Sport Singapore

3 Stadium Drive

Singapore 397630


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