Coach Development Grant

Coach Development Grant (CDG) Scheme Details


Section 1: Introduction


The Coach Development Grant (CDG) provides financial assistance to individual sports coaches who wish to upgrade their coaching knowledge and skills via attending coaching attachments, conferences, short-term courses, workshops and seminars as well as obtaining a Degree or Diploma, both locally and overseas.


All learning activities covered by this grant will be known as ‘CDG Activity’ in subsequent sections.


SportSG will review the application and deliberate on the actual grant amount for each application. Please note that SportSG reserves the final right on the funding decision.


Through CDG, SportSG aims to build ongoing partnerships with individual CDG recipients. Through this partnership, CDG recipients will have the opportunity to:


a. Help develop other sports coaches professionally

b. Be invited to share their sports coaching stories, knowledge, experience, and insights at CoachSG’s selected platforms (e.g., CoachSG Conference)


Section 2: CDG Overview


CoachSG aims to support as many coaches as possible in their professional development journey through CDG. Hence, we encourage each applicant to submit a maximum of 2 applications per Financial Year (FY). If an applicant submits a 3rd application within the same FY, CoachSG will prioritise funding allocation for applicants with 2 or less applications within the same FY.


Type of

CDG Activity


Course / Workshop / Seminar

Overseas Course / Workshop / Seminar with Mentorship Attachment or Mentorship Attachment only

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC); and
  • No outstanding deliverables from previous CDG applications; and

NROC Coaches


Actively coaching athletes at community or school level(s) for at least 2 years (Singaporeans and PRs) or 4 years (foreigners)


NROC Coach Developers


Actively developing coaches for at least 2 years (Singaporeans and PRs) or 4 years (foreigners)


  • Registered with the NROC; and
  • No outstanding deliverables from previous CDG applications; and

NROC Coaches


Actively coaching athletes for national, regional, continental and / or international competitions for at least 2 years (Singaporeans and PRs) or 4 years (foreigners)


NROC Coach Developers


Actively developing coaches at national, regional, continental and / or international level(s) for at least 2 years (Singaporeans and PRs) or 4 years (foreigners)


Funding Amount

(up to)

NROC Coaches


Provisional Coach – S$500

Coach – S$1,000

Senior Coach – S$3,000

Master Coach – S$5,000


NROC Coach Developers


Coach Developer – S$1,000

Senior Coach Developer – S$3,000

Master Coach Developer – S$5,000


NROC Coaches


Provisional Coach – S$1,500

Coach – S$3,000

Senior Coach – S$20,000

Master Coach – S$30,000


NROC Coach Developers


Coach Developer – S$3,00

Senior Coach Developer – S$20,000

Master Coach Developer – S$30,000


Co-Payment by SportSG

  • Singaporeans and PRs – Up to 75%
  • Foreigners – Up to 25%


Additional Assessment Criteria for Large CDG Investments

(Original Calculated CDG Approval Amount ≥ S$5,000)


This section only applies to applications with original calculated CDG approval amount equal or greater than (≥) S$5,000.


An original calculated CDG approval amount ≥ S$5,000 represents a significant investment from CoachSG. Hence, the applicant has to demonstrate, with appropriate supporting evidence (e.g. e-mails, letters, Certificates of Appreciation, photos, press articles), that he / she has been regularly contributing to all of the following categories within the past 3 years, in order to justify why he / she should receive the full amount entitled for his / her NROC Coach / Coach Developer level:

  1. Coaching / mentoring coaches and / or athletes
  2. Coach development (through (a) courses and (b) workshops)
  3. General contribution to sports (e.g., competition management, technical officiating, volunteering)

Weightage for each category is shown below. Applicants who do not meet a particular criterion will be awarded 0% for that criterion.






Regularly mentor coaches and / or coach athletes in the past 3 years (minimum once a week)




Regularly conducts coaching-related courses to develop coaches / athletes in the past 3 years

(Minimum 1 course per year)


Regularly conducts CCE workshops for other coaches in the past 3 years (minimum 1 workshop per year)


General Contribution

General contribution to sports in past 3 years

(e.g., competition management, technical officiating,

volunteering) (minimum 1 role per year)





Hypothetical examples are given below to illustrate how final CDG approved amount is derived based on above assessment criteria:


Applicant #1:

NROC Master Coach, Singaporean

Applicant #2:

NROC Senior Coach, PR

  • Applied CDG for local coaching seminar
  • Total estimated cost = S$8,000
  • Based on existing guidelines (up to 75% for Singaporeans), award amount = S$5,000 (maximum cap for NROC Master Coach)
  • As award amount = S$5,000, After applying above criteria, applicant meets 3 out of 4 criteria (75%)
  • Hence, final approved amount = S$5,000 x 75% = S$3,750


  • Applied CDG for overseas coaching course with coaching attachment
  • Total estimated cost = S$50,000
  • Based on existing guidelines (up to 75% for PRs), award amount = S$20,000 (maximum cap for NROC Senior Coach)
  • As award amount = S$20,000 > S$5,000, After applying above criteria, and applicant meets 2 out of 4 criteria (50%)
  • Hence, final approved amount = S$20,000 x 50% = S$10,000



Section 3: CDG Post-Activity Deliverables


After the CDG Activity, the CDG recipient is required to complete all of the following:


Within 1 month post-activity:

  • Reimburse SportSG the difference between disbursed amount and actual amount utilised. For Degree / Diploma courses, applicant who fails to complete the course of study successfully is required to return 100% of the disbursed grant to SportSG. Future applications from the same applicant will not be considered if the applicant fails to refund the required amount to SportSG
  • Submit documentary proof of the CDG Activity:
  1. Copies of official receipts for course / registration fee, accommodation, airfare, land transfer, airport tax, travel insurance and / or certificate awarded e.g., Certificate of Attendance / Competence (where applicable)
  2. At least 3 photographs from the CDG Activity
  • Submit a written CDG Post-Activity Report (template to be provided by CoachSG)

Within 6 months post-activity:

  • Complete an interview (in-person, virtual or written) by CoachSG for CDG publicity (for approved CDG amount > S$3k only)
  • Fulfil a minimum number of points corresponding to the amount of funding received (see below for more information)

The introduction of points system is to:


a. Motivate CDG recipients to give back to local coaching community through activities of their choice

b. Educate CDG recipients that the amount of responsibility to give back and the post-CDG learning activities scale with the amount of financial support provided


CDG recipients who fail to complete all their post-CDG Activity deliverables will have all their subsequent applications automatically rejected until they have cleared all outstanding deliverables.


CDG recipients can choose which coach development activities they want to fulfil from the following list (subjected to CoachSG’s approval), as long as the total points of selected activities meet the minimum requirement. In general, points are classified as follow:

  • Writing – 5 points per piece of work
  • Deliver workshops, produce more complex resources (e.g., videos, deck) – 10 points per piece of work
  • Conference presentations and lead Community of Practice (CoP) sessions – 15 points per piece of work
  • Longer-term projects (e.g., consultancy, research, mentor another coach) – 20 points per piece of work

When more than 1 CDG recipient collaborate on the same deliverable, each CDG recipient will have to produce part of the deliverable (i.e., if 2 coaches attended the same funded activity and delivers a workshop together, each coach should preferably lead 1 part of the workshop).


Approval Amount, X


Points to fulfil within 6 months post-activity

X S$1k



S$1k < X S$3k



S$3k < X S$5k

Report + interview by CoachSG for CDG publicity


X > S$5k

Report + interview by CoachSG for CDG publicity







Deliver CCE workshop(s)

10 per workshop

Maximum 2 workshops (with CoachSG and / or NSA). Examples: CDG sharing sessions, non-conferences e.g., Coaches’ Week

Present at CoachSG Conference

15 per topic

Subjected to CoachSG approval of presenters

Submit a written update on application of learning in own coaching practice at end of 6 months


Maximum 1 update

Mentor a coach (selected by CDG recipient) and submit a mentorship report at end of 6 months


Maximum 1 coach

Develop coaching resources for CoachSG to share with other coaches:


a. Write a coaching article

b. Create a coaching video

c. Produce a presentation deck

d. Produce a set of coaching plans




5 per article

10 per video

10 per deck

5 (micro)

10 (meso)

20 (macro)

Maximum 2 resources e.g., 1 article + 1 video, 1 meso-plan + 1 deck





Micro = session plan; meso = season plan; macro = multi-year plan

Provide ad-hoc consultancy services over 6 months



Provide support for a coaching research project over 6 months



Lead Community of Practice (CoP) sessions

15 per session



Section 4: Scope of Coverage and Exclusions


Section 4.1: Scope of Coverage


Only the following items may be covered by the CDG. SportSG will review the application and deliberate on the actual grant amount:

  • For local conference, Degree / Diploma or short-term courses / seminars / workshops, only the course or registration fees may be subsidised.
  • For overseas conference, Degree / Diploma or short-term courses / seminars / workshops, only the following expenses may be subsidised:

a. Conference, Degree / Diploma or short-term course / seminar / workshop registration or course fees

b. Return Economy Class airfare

c. Airport taxes

d. Land transport

e. Accommodation

f. Travel Insurance


Section 4.2: Exclusions


CDG does not cover:


a. Standard First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) courses as they are deemed to be fundamental skills requirement for coaches;

b. Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme or equivalent courses organised by SportSG and NSAs (e.g., SG-Coach Theory, Technical and Integrated courses); and

c. Continuing Coach Education (CCE) courses / workshops / seminars conducted by NSAs as these activities are subsidised by SportSG.



Section 5: Application Process


All applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Before applying for CDG, please note that the applicant shall not accept any other sponsorship or grant without the prior written consent of SportSG. In the case of other sponsorship or grant already accepted by the applicant prior to this application, the applicant shall have made full disclosure of such sponsorship or grant to SportSG at the time of application for the CDG. In the event of any breach, SportSG shall be entitled to terminate the grant immediately or demand a refund of the full disbursed grant amount.


The CDG application process is described below. Coaches must submit their applications at least 2 months before start of CDG Activity. SportSG will not accept any application once the CDG Activity has started. Applications submitted within 2 months before start of CDG Activity will be closely scrutinised and considered on a case-by-case basis.


For applications as NROC Coaches / Coach Developers

  1. Applicant to submit completed application form and supporting documents via OurSG Grant portal for SportSG’s review
  2. SportSG will consult the relevant NSA on the application. Approval or disapproval of the application will be at the sole discretion of SportSG following consultation with the NSA
  3. SportSG will communicate application outcome via OurSG Grant portal

All CDG-related agreement will be between CoachSG and the applicant only. CoachSG may also request the applicant provide up to 3 character references in support of the application.


List of Required Documents


a. Completed CDG application form (within the portal)

b. Applicant’s NRIC / FIN card, sports coaching Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) and sports coaching-related certificates

c. Details of CDG Activity (e.g., course brochure / schedule, proof of acceptance / enrolment / registration from relevant institution / organisation)

d. Invoices / quotations / receipts of the cost items (where available) (e.g., return Economy Class air tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, course fees). Reasonable estimation with justification must be provided if no invoices / quotations / receipts are available


Section 6: Disbursements


Please note that all disbursements will be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD). If any of the invoices / quotations / receipts of the cost items are purely in foreign currency (i.e., with no transaction record reflecting the corresponding amount in SGD), the corresponding amount of local currency (in SGD) disbursed will be calculated based on the date on which all Post-Activity Deliverables are officially approved by SportSG.


All CDG disbursements will be given to the applicant only. NSAs will not receive any disbursement.


For all CDG Activities, 100% of the approved funds will be disbursed to the applicant upon approval of the application.


Section 7: Terms and Conditions


The applicant shall refund SportSG the full disbursed grant amount should the applicant, without valid reasons and where applicable, fails to fulfil all the necessary procedures, requirement and Post-CDG Activity Deliverables.


False declaration in any form may effect immediate disqualification from the grant.


The CDG Terms and Conditions is subjected to periodic review.


With effect from 1 September 2020, individual sport coaches may apply for the Coach Development Grant (CDG) via OurSG Grant portal – a one-stop portal to apply for government grants that support arts, community, heritage, social good, sports and youth. If you have any further queries about CDG, you may contact us at or visit:




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