Happy Coaches Day to all Sport Coaches

Coaches are the driving force behind the development and success of our athletes. No athlete, no matter how talented, can achieve success without the guidance and support of their coaches.

Coaches' Day is an initiative of Sport Singapore which aims to raise the level of recognition accorded to coaches nationwide for the significant role they play in the holistic development of their athletes.

We encourage Singaporeans to express their appreciation to their coaches in their own special way.

 Coaches Day 2018 Group

Coaches' Day 2019

Organised by CoachSG, Institute of Technical Education, National Instructors and Coaches Association, Ngee Ann Polytechnic,  National Youth Sports Institute, Republic Polytechnic, and Singapore Disability Sports Council, the event was supported by the Ministry of Education and held in celebration of Coaches’ Day 2019.

Coaches are the ones constantly providing advice, life lessons and imparting priceless experience acquired through their own journey. They shy away from the limelight, allowing their athletes to bask in the glory and achievements and truly are the unsung heroes.

Throughout the year, we have heard many accounts of coaches going the extra mile for their charges. These stories have warmed our hearts and highlighted the amount of sacrifices our coaches have made in the countless practice sessions and intense competitions. We relish this opportunity to pay tribute to the coaches who have worked tirelessly with their athletes in their pursuit of sporting excellence. An e-card has been produced below for participants / athletes to give to their coaches.

We also highly encourage you to share messages through social media by using #HappyCoachesDay. Let us salute these heroes for their tireless contribution, passion and commitment to shaping our athletes for the future, and ultimately to shaping a sporting Singapore.


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