SportCares On 938LIVE

Singapore , 29 Mar 2014

SportCares on 938LIVE

SportCares went on Singapore's only sports radio show, SportsZone on 938LIVE, this morning with two impressive boys, Zul of CareRunners and Aizat of SNL St Wilfred. Joining them was SportCares' administrator, Sobban. 

While it wasn't the first time that SportCares was invited to be on the show, it was a first for the three representatives. Overcoming his nerves was tough for Zul but he spoke from his heart when asked of his experience with CareRunners and SportCares. The smiles on his parents' faces as they listened to him attentively at the studio, was a sight to behold. 

Aizat was a natural when it was his turn to share his experiences. Being a confident young man, Aizat shared how Saturday Night Lights has helped him and his teammates with not only football skills but with character development as well. 

SportCares would like to thank Rajkumar, Farhan and Noah at 938LIVE for giving us the opportunity to share our stories with Singapore!

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