An Exciting Event For The Saturday Night Lights Team

Singapore , 02 Oct 2013

Six months ago, SportCares did something really audacious. We officially launched the Saturday Night Lights football programme at old Jurong Stadium with a bunch of boys from Taman Jurong, Jurong Springs and Henderson, some hand-picked coaches and passionate volunteers from the communities.

Six months later, we’re planning something equally memorable. As a national initiative, SportCares takes a lot of pride in Saturday Night Lights, but we know that the real stars of the programme are the boys and the volunteers. We’re getting ready to launch the Saturday Night Lights “Rising Stars” Awards to recognise the players who have grown through our training programme as well as the volunteers who have helped them do it.

Here are the nominees:


And more on information on the award categories:

• In Recognition of Great Sportsmanship (U14/O14)

This award recognises the good attitude, teamwork and leadership displayed on the pitch by players during Saturday Night Lights.

• In Recognition of Great Football Skills (U14/O14)

This award recognises the consistent display and development of great football skills by players during Saturday Night Lights at our home ground turf of Jurong Stadium.

• In Recognition of Great Commitment (U14/O14)

This award recognises the players’ spirit of volunteerism and their commitment to SportCares programming overall.

We’ve already identified our volunteer recipients, but we’re saving that for much later! So feel free to check back later and often.

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