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About Character & Leadership Development Department (CLD) - An Overview

Under Vision 2030, the 'Future Ready through Sports' narrative focuses on promoting the holistic development of individuals, teams, organisations and communities through sports in preparation for future challenges. The Character & Leadership Development Department (CLD), under CoachSG, serves and works in partnership with both internal and external stakeholders to drive the research, design and implementation of various initiatives within the domain of character and leadership development. 

At Sport Singapore, CLD develops organisational capabilities by spearheading leadership development for our people and sport coaches. In serving the larger Singapore community, CLD also partners key stakeholders such as local educational institutions and like-minded corporations to co-develop initiatives to promote character and leadership development through the deliberate design of sporting activities.

CLD works with partners from different sectors to further the development of our work. If you are a local/overseas agency or institution and see that the work we are doing is aligned with you, do contact us. We will be glad to explore partnership opportunities. 

Character & Leadership Development Department
Sport Singapore
Address: 3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630
Tel: 6500 5000 (main)
Fax: 6440 9205

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