‘Game For Life: 25 Journeys’ Synopsis

The book, 'GAME FOR LIFE: 25 Journeys' chronicles the transformation of 25 ordinary lives made extraordinary through sports. Featuring 25 individuals from diverse backgrounds playing different sports, it aims to inspire readers to play the game of their lives, and in so doing, discover themselves, unleash their true potential and develop their character.

'GAME FOR LIFE: 25 Journeys' celebrates the triumph of man, showcasing role models with a spirit of excellence and perseverance. The 25 remarkable stories are set to stir the hearts and minds of every reader, young or old, man or woman. Instilling in all the principles of team camaraderie, sportsmanship, leadership and sporting for life.

Why should I read this?

'GAME FOR LIFE: 25 Journeys' aims to inspire readers to play the game of their lives, and in so doing, discover themselves, unleash their true potential and develop their character. 

Who is this book for?

Readers of all ages especially youths, parents and educators will find the book inspiring, relevant and reflective.

Where can I purchase/ borrow the book?

The Game For Life Book can be purchased at Leadership Development Department, Sport Singapore. 

3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630
Tel: 6500 5317

The book is also available for loan at all public libraries islandwide as well as the Sports Hub Library. 

The e-copy of the book can be downloaded here

Praise for 'GAME FOR LIFE'

"GAME FOR LIFE: 25 Journeys' does a masterful job of examining the impact of sports on the lives of 25 extraordinary Singaporeans. Each person credits sports for teaching lessons that were fundamental to their success in life. It is not a book about winning and losing on the athletic playing fields. It is about the lasting values learned through sports such as respect, responsibility, self-discipline, selflessness, resilience, and teamwork that transform lives. These inspirational stories provide a valuable resource for people of all ages.

Indeed, sports have life lessons to teach, and if you are a participant rather than just a spectator, you gain even more.

I believe that sports are the best classroom for life and 'GAME FOR LIFE: 25 Journeys' provides proof that sports do change lives!"

Dr. Ralph L. Pim
Professor and Director of Competitive Sports (Retired)
United States Military Academy
West Point, New York

"Game for Life: 25 Journeys' provides inspiring real life stories of the power of sport for transforming lives. This alone makes it a wonderful read. Moreover, it goes beyond these stories by posing reflective questions that make the reader think about how sport can shape his or her life.

I believe that 'Game for Life: 25 Journeys' is not only a must read for athletes but also for sport parents and coaches. Teachers will also find the book to be a great starting point for young people to discuss what they are experiencing in sport and how these experiences can result in important life lessons. Young people will reap much more from this book if they reflect on its content and engage in discussions about their sport experiences and how those experiences are best interpreted to maximise psychological growth.

So, don't just read this book. Reflect on the questions posed and lessons that sport has taught others. Think about what sport is teaching you and discuss it with fellow participants and your coaches."

Daniel Gould, PhD.
Professor and Director
Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
Michigan State University

Additional Information

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