Game For Life

Sport offers a parallel pathway to success as it helps people develop the skills sets and principles valued by society. Sport can be a powerful vehicle if it is designed, structured and delivered with care and forethought. Sport Singapore developed the Game For Life Toolkit that features the use of game activities and specific role playing for the learning and development of performance, social and moral values and attributes. This enables training, education and coaching professionals to createteachable moments, where learning values can be infused into any sporting experience for every individual. 

Game For Life Toolkit comprises:

Why should I be equipped with the Game For Life Toolkit?

The Game For Life Toolkit provides training, education and coaching to professionals looking to instil life-skills and values through sports. Corporations and educational institutions will be equipped with future skill sets and principles.

Who is the toolkit suitable for?

  • Coaches
  • Physical and Sport Educators
  • Youth Sport Providers
  • Corporate Training Professionals
  • All who subscribe to sport as a platform for character and leadership development

 Effectiveness of Game For Life Toolkit

To determine whether the Game For Life Toolkit was effective in values inculcation, Sport Singapore conducted an impact analysis that employed a combination of a treatment-control and pre-post research design over a school term of approximately 10 weeks. 

Download this report to find out more.


  • Game For Life was recognized as one of the Most Innovative Project/Policy Award at the Public Service PS21 ExCEL Awards 2014, and received the Gold Award for the Most Innovative Project at the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth PS21 ExCEL Awards 2014. 

  • Game For Life is acknowledged by South East Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) as a useful framework for the inculcation of values in sport. Mr Gobinathan Nair, Director General of Southeast Asia RADO conducts Game For Life workshops for sport coaches where he teaches them how to implement a structured approach in character development through sport using the framework in their coaching. This collaboration is also published on RADO's internal shared platform. 



Game For Life Workshops

If you are keen to incorporate the framework into your existing sport lessons and trainings, the Game for Life Workshop will equip sport educators with a deeper understanding of the necessary components required to intentionally design sporting activities to develop values for character & leadership development.

Each workshop will cover: 


  • Practical Demonstration of Values-based training session
  • Principles and concepts of the Game-for-Life (GFL) framework
  • Experiential segment infusing GFL framework in designing training plans
  • Sharing and networking with teachers/coaches from other sports

Read more on what happened during the past GFL workshops!

SportSG has partnered Republic Polytechnic for the conduct of the workshops. You will be directed to Republic Polytechnic's site for registration and upcoming workshop dates upon clicking the link here.

Game For Life Community of Practice (CoP)

The Game For Life (GFL) Community of Practice (CoP) was started in 2016 which brings together sport educators and coaches to share best practices on Character and Leadership Development through Sport (CLDS). The purpose of the GFL CoP is to provide a platform for coaches and sport educators to continue upskilling themselves to achieve outcomes in the affective domain by learning from one another and subject matter experts. Past sessions of some GFL CoP sessions are recorded here

Who is the GFL CoP for?

The GFL CoP is for any sport educator (eg. PE teacher) and coach who has a keen interest in CLDS (eg. values inculcation in sport) and is currently also implementing CLDS practices in his/her teaching/coaching. The Game For Life CoP is also for any previous participant of the Game For Life workshop who would like to continue learning about CLDS. 

When is the next GFL CoP session?

The next GFL CoP session is on 23 June (Wed), 7pm - 9pm. The session will be held on Zoom. The theme of this session is "Innovative Character and Leadership Development through Sport".

You may sign up for the session here.

Where are the GFL CoP sessions held?

The GFL CoP sessions are previously held on Sport Singapore's premise at Singapore Sports Hub. In view of the pandemic situation, GFL CoP sessions will be held virtually until further notice as per COVID-19 government advisories. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 



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