Indian Association

Indian AssociationThe Singapore Indian Association was one of several ethnic sports clubs established to serve their own community during the Colonial Times. Founded in 1923, the Association aims at promoting the social, physical, intellectual, cultural and the general welfare of its members. It was a popular place for young Indians to meet socially and indulge in sports, particularly cricket, tennis and billiard. The Association excelled in cricket and hockey with many of its members participating in regional and international competitions in the fifties.
In 1950, the Prime Minister of India, the late Pandit Nehru came all the way to Singapore to officiate at the laying of the foundation stone at the Indian Association and the present Clubhouse took shape.
Over the years, the Indian Association has produced several national hockey players.
The late nineties marked the beginning of a new era for the Association and a new lease of life.

The Indian Association aims

  • to encourage the physical, intellectual, moral, cultural and social development of our members
  • to provide facilities consistent with the needs and interests of our members
  • to promote and organize sports and recreational activities for our members
  • to emphasize fraternity and channel the vigour of youth into productive activities
  • to promote general welfare of the community as a whole in so far as it does not interfere with the normal activities of the Association
  • to promote family and cultural activities in the Association 
The Singapore Indian Association is more than just a Clubhouse. It is a landmark and has been designated as being part of the heritage zone in the Balestier Plain.
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