Sports Education

At Sport Singapore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we are working together to create a more integrated academic and sporting curriculum. Sports Education is about providing funding opportunities and the knowledge to teach sports safely. 

  • Sports Education Programme

    Sports Education Programme

    The Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaborative partnership between Sport Singapore (SportSG) and the Ministry of Education (MOE), which aims to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation in schools and increase sporting opportunities for the young. It also serves as an integrated and structured approach to link sports service providers with schools to ensure that innovative and quality sports programmes are delivered.

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  • Sports Leadership

    Sport Singapore is looking at ways of using sport as a tool for developing Singapore’s future leaders. We believe sportsmen and women strive for personal development within the context of a team. By nurturing Singapore’s team players as leaders, we will develop Singapore athletically as well as in business and politics.

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  • National Standards For Youth Sports

    The NSYS is established to ensure that youth sports in Singapore is organised and delivered in a healthy and wholesome environment for our youth, while issues such as violence, abuse and other unsporting behaviours are kept at bay.

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  • Values and Principles in Sport (VPS)

    The new VPS workshop will enable participants to develop their own personal coaching philosophies, design sports programmes with the ‘Game of Life’ Framework and leverage values and attributes in the development of a successful sports team. The new VPS workshop replaces National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) / Building Capacity of Coaches and instructors (BCCI).

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  • Sports Safety

    Sports Safety is an integral part of the development of the sporting community in Singapore. This portion of the site outlines our recommendations and regulations surrounding sports safety in Singapore.

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  • Singapore Sports Hub Library

    Singapore Sports Library 800x600

    The Singapore Sports Hub Library, operated by Civica Pte Ltd, is the centre of sports knowledge for the community at large as well as the sports professionals.

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  • History of Singapore Sports

    Sports in Colonial time

    The history of sports in Singapore began in the 19th Century, when the Colonials turned to sports as a way to pass time as they waited for news from back home in the United Kingdom. 

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