Reply To Forum Letter In TODAY: "To Get People To Exercise, We Need To Change Their Mindset"

07 May 2014

In response to a Forum Letter in TODAY ("To Get People To Exercise, We Need To Change Their Mindset", 30 April 2014):

ActiveSG helps people change their mindset and lifestyle to be active 

We refer to Mr Francis Cheng’s letter, “To get people to exercise, we need to change their mindset” dated 30 April 2014.
We agree with Mr Cheng’s views. It is indeed the mindset that ActiveSG is trying to change – not only with Singaporeans as individuals, but also with organisations and interest groups. No amount of monetary incentives would motivate people to be active in the long term. 

However, with the provision of ActiveSG dollars, we seek to lower the barriers of entry to pick up a sport, get on a fitness routine, and provide the guidance and encouragement needed to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
We have already begun working with some Small and Medium Enterprises on engaging their staff through sport to enhance morale, develop leadership skills and team effectiveness.  Sport contributes to a healthy and productive workforce. The responses we have received thus far have been very encouraging, and over the next few months, we will continue to roll out our programmes for organisations. We have also seen some organisations that have come forward and expressed interest in organising Sports Carnivals at our Sports Centres instead of their usual Dinner & Dance events.
The ActiveSG team has been reviewing the operations timings, programmes, facilities, and our customer service standards to better engage our customers to understand their needs. Under the Vision 2030 sports master plan, Sport Singapore aims to enhance accessibility to facilities and programmes, and 24 hour access to some facilities are in the pipeline.
Sport Singapore is very encouraged by the over 181,000 sign-ups for ActiveSG membership since the launch on 26 April. It speaks volumes about  Singaporeans’ interest in capitalising on this initiative to get active. 

Mr Cheng also asked about personal data protection after a person registers as a member. We would like to assure our members and him that the membership management system was tested by two separate auditors before launch to provide assurance on personal data safe guards. 

As we constantly look to serving our people better, we welcome the public’s feedback to improve this nationwide movement for sport. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given their feedback since the launch.
Let’s get active and live better through sport!

Lai Chin Kwang
Chief, ActiveSG
Sport Singapore
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