Reply To Forum Letter In The Straits Times Online: "Review compulsory ActiveSG membership for use of facilities"

22 May 2014

In response to a Forum Letter in The Straits Times Online ("Review compulsory ActiveSG membership for use of facilities", 21 May 2014):

Non-members can continue to buy single-entry passes: ActiveSG

We thank Mr Wee Wei Loong for his feedback (“Review compulsory ActiveSG membership for use of facilities”; Forum Online, yesterday) and welcome him on board the ActiveSG family.
While we encourage all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) to register for an ActiveSG membership, we would like to clarify that non-members can continue to purchase single entry gym and pool passes to utilise ActiveSG facilities. 
We will continue to strive for our guest officers to communicate these policies clearly.

We hope Mr Wee will continue his sporting journey with us. 

Lai Chin Kwang
Chief, ActiveSG 
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