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Singapore , 24 Jun 2021

(Updated 30 September 2021) Fast And Easy Testing and “Vaccinate Or Regular Test” Regime For Sport And Fitness Sector


Please refer to the latest advisory


As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 6 September 2021, there will be a need to increase the frequency of testing regimes for all workforce, especially those in high-risk settings.


        Please click here for more information on the FET for sport & fitness businesses and self-employed persons.

        Please click here for updated notice as of 30 December 2021.

        Please click here for FAQs on the FET.

        Please click here for the FET Kits Replenishment Model

        Please click  here  for the Physician Memo Template

        Please click here for the FET Contraindication Exemptions Workflow and here for the Declaration Form

        Please click here for Employer-Supervised Self Swab (ESSS) - ESSS Company Guidebook, SRS Onboarding Guide and Results Uploading Template for "Upload ART Result with Staff Infor".

        Please click here for Self-Swab instructions Infographics.

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