Considering its patrons’ safety and wellbeing, SportSG enhances precautionary measures

Singapore , 15 Mar 2020

  • The national sports agency will regulate user access across all facilities, including stadiums, sport halls, gyms, swimming complexes and studios
  • NSAs and other partners of SportSG have been advised to strictly follow MOH guidelines

HeartBeat at Bedok Sports Hall


Singapore, 15 March 2020 – Sport Singapore (SportSG) will implement enhanced precautionary measures in line with the latest advisory issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 13 Mar 2020. SportSG aims to provide avenues where Singaporeans can continue to stay fit and healthy, amid the evolving Covid-19 situation.

From 16 March, all ActiveSG sport centres will implement regulated access to ensure adequate physical distancing among users. This applies to all stadiums, sport halls, gyms, swimming complexes and studios. ActiveSG facilities, where possible, will implement a single point of entry to facilitate temperature taking and recording of visitor details.

Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, SportSG, said: “We have come up with these measures to enable socially responsible behaviour. Regulating the number of people at our facilities helps to increase personal space and allows one to adopt physical distancing. I would like Singaporeans to continue to stay fit and healthy. Physical distancing, wiping down the equipment after use and refraining from visiting our premises if you are sick, are ways in which we can do our part as SG United.”

Gyms and studios

Regulated access will be implemented according to the size of the respective facility. If the gym is at full capacity, notices will be prominently displayed to inform users and queue numbers will be provided. Gym users are also strongly advised to visit only one ActiveSG used to be conducted at our studios will now be held outdoors, for natural ventilation. If a programme must take place in the studio, the number of users allowed to be present in the gym will be restricted to ensure there is more physical distance between participants.

Swimming pools

Children’s pools will be closed until further notice. Temperature taking and visitor registration will be implemented at all pools. We will regulate the number of visitors at all pools.

Indoor sport halls

Only alternate courts will be available for indoor sport halls that are shared by groups for activities such as badminton and table tennis. Some of the court bookings from 16 March will be cancelled and refunded accordingly. This is to limit the number of patrons within the hall, and to maintain some physical distance between groups. There will be no changes to squash and tennis court bookings and usage.

Stadiums and outdoor facilities

We will regulate the number of visitors at our stadiums. Stadiums where a single point of entry can be implemented, will do so. Lane segregation will be implemented at stadiums for joggers. Temperature taking and visitor registration will be implemented for organised events.

Senior-centric programmes

Senior-centric programmes have been suspended from 11 to 24 March and the measures in place will remain status quo.

Partners and Service Providers

SportSG has advised all partners, including National Sport Associations to adhere strictly to MOH’s guidelines, including adequate physical distancing and to cancel or postpone events that will have more than 250 participants. SportSG has also informed them for their athletes and staff to avoid all non-essential travel, and practise good hygiene habits. Events and activities at ActiveSG facilities must follow the enhanced precautionary measures. In addition, SportSG has asked the organisers to limit entry of players and officials to our facilities by time blocks, especially during leagues or tournaments. Non-players are only allowed in the spectator stands. The maximum capacity of the facility under the new measure applies.

Exercise personal hygiene and social responsibility

Members of the public are encouraged to stay healthy while observing good personal hygiene and socially responsible practices. They may take reference from SG Clean. During this time, Singaporeans must join efforts to overcome the challenges arising from COVID-19 and work together to keep our families and each other safe.

Members of the public may do simple exercises at home to keep themselves in shape, referring to videos developed by SportSG at and .


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