Five More Community Torches Unveiled as Singaporeans Prepare to Rally as One

26 Apr 2015

SINGAPORE, 26 April 2015 – With just 40 days to go before Singapore hosts the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, communities across Singapore are playing their part to make the event a truly memorable one.

As part of this, the art community has come together to unveil five more art installations, also known as Community Torches, at a public Art Picnic and Community Art session held at Cathay Green.

As part of the 28th SEA Games Torch-Up! Programme, 30 community torches have and will be progressively unveiled in the lead up to the eventual torch ceremony and launch of the SEA Games in early June. Of the 30 community torches, four were launched in conjunction with the One Team Singapore Rally – a celebration of supporting our national athletes, during the final Pedestrian Night at Orchard Road on 7 March.

One Community Torch that was unveiled today was ‘Celebrate The Extraordinary’, a 6-metre tall artwork by professional artist Sun I-Yu. The artwork, which resembles a human figure, embodies a physical representation of the athletes that will participate in SEA Games, and pays homage to the diversity that Singapore is known for.

Accompanying ‘Celebrate The Extraordinary’ were four other Community Torches, including ‘Beginning and End’ by design and art educator Karen Mitchell, where 3,200 pieces of Sonobe units were folded from newspapers to encourage the audience to recall the news that made Singapore, and ‘Fields of Gold’ by Nic. Ong, an artwork done in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore which reinforces Singapore as a Garden City by creating a pop-up garden of sorts and presenting badminton shuttlecocks in a different light.

Also unveiled today was ‘Fighting Flying Flight’ by Amanda Lim, a site-specific light installation co-created with students from Spectra Secondary School and the clients from Bizlink Day Activity Centre. The installation represents the hopes and aspirations of the athletes who will be fighting hard to achieve their goals. Finally, ‘Our Singapore Dreams, Twinkle! by versatile multi-media sculptor Tay Swee Siong showcases an LED light sculpture inspired by the energetic movements of the athletes in SEA Games, and aims to express the individual dreams of Singaporeans from all walks of life, in an interactive way.

Happening concurrently was also a public Art Picnic and Community Art session aimed at creating awareness for Art Therapy, in which participants had the chance to try their hands at a craft session titled ‘Hand+Heart’, using their hands to express the heart.

Members of the public can also visit " - " to get a better understanding on the 28th SEA Games Torch Up! Programme, where more information on the five Community Torch locations and the completed Community Torches can be found.


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