More Singaporeans Participating in Sports

Singapore , 22 Mar 2006

More Singaporeans Participating in Sports
Singapore, 22 March 2006

The notion that 'sports means health and health means wealth' is gaining increasing acceptance in Singapore, judging from the results of the Singapore Sports Council's (SSC) latest 2005 National Sports Participation Survey (NSPS). In the past five years, the sports arena in Singapore has not only experienced an increase in participation levels, but the variety of sports played has also broadened.

The incidence of regular sports participants has risen since the last NSPS conducted in 2001. The 2005 survey revealed that 48% of Singaporeans participate in some form of sports / exercise at least once a week with more than half (25%) of doing so at least 3 times per week. Singaporeans are also engaging in a wider variety for sports such as gym workout, in-line skating and beach volleyball.

Daniel Metcalfe, Chief, Industry Development and High Participation at SSC said: "We are very encouraged by the 48% sports participation rate as it is an increase of 10% from 2001. More significantly, the increase in the variety of sports played means that Singaporeans are now keen to try out different types of sports. This shift in participation patterns presents unique opportunities for SSC and its partners to engage Singaporeans to participate in sports outside of the 'traditional' types of sports. The combined increase in participation rate and interest in a wider variety of sports suggests that sports is becoming a lifestyle option of choice in Singapore."

The regular sports participation rate has improved significantly across all age-categories. The most impressive increase was among the young adults, registering a growth rate of 38%. Middle-aged adults and teens also performed impressively with growth rates of 26% and 22% respectively. Comparatively, the Senior Citizens category experienced a more modest growth of 12%. The survey also revealed an increase of 10% female participation in sports from 32% in 2001 to 42% in 2005.

The popularity of sports varies among different segments groups and reveals certain patterns, motivations and needs behind sports participation. For teens, there is a greater emphasis on team/competitive sports while the senior citizens displayed a preference for low-intensity sports that are less strenuous. Yoga and rhythmic exercise is popular amongst females while males prefer soccer/football and fishing.

Overall, the top three most popular sports in Singapore are jogging, swimming and walking. Yoga has moved from 19th position in 2001 to 10th position in 2005. This is consistent with the findings that 22% - a sharp increase of 17% from 2001 of the respondents participated in Sports as part of their lifestyle.

The NSPS is a nation-wide research conducted by the SSC once every five years. Its primary objective is to gauge the level of sports participation and recreational physical activity in Singapore.

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