Sports Science

Our Sports Science Centre is committed to helping talented athletes optimise their performance through direct application of leading-edge science, performance testing and monitoring, applied research and education.

The disciplines in the Sports Science Centre includes: 

  • Sport Biomechanics
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Sport Physiology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning 


  • Sport Biomechanics

    Sport biomechanic

    Biomechanics is the study of professional athletic performance. Sophisticated mathematics and computer modelling techniques help the developing athlete and coach to assess performance relative to an ideal model or performance target.

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  • Sport Nutrition

    two women with some fruit

    Without the proper fuel, an athlete's body cannot achieve peak performance.

    This is why the Sport Nutrition Unit helps our athletes to plan their diets, ensuring that they are getting the proper nutrition during training, competition and recovery. Nutritional needs vary with each phase of training, and sport nutrition promotes healthy, responsible eating at all times. This includes advising our athletes about their nutritional supplements as well.

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  • Sport Physiology

    Sport Phyisiology

    Sport Physiology analyses your body’s response to training. Physiologists monitor the body’s response to exertion of different intensities.

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  • Sport Psychology

    Sport Psychology

    Sport Psychology analyses mental and motivational factors that limit sporting performance. Sport Psychology Unit performs consultative and rehabilitation programmes for developing athletes.

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  • Strength & Conditioning

    strength and conditioning

    Sports-specific drills and practise will develop only a limited range of techniques. Strength and Conditioning looks at overall physical preparation to complement sport-specific skills development for better athletic performance.

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  • Major Games Preparation

    Major Games

    The Major Games Preparation Unit enhances athletes’ performance at major games such as Southeast Asian, Commonwealth, Asian and Olympic Games.

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