Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is more than just lifting weights.  It refers to the all-round physical preparation to complement an athlete's sports-specific skills development. It is imperative for sporting success. 

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Our strength and conditioning coaches work alongside the Sports Coach to design programmes that are carefully tailored to individual needs. We take into consideration the athlete’s physical condition, team and sport requirements.

We work closely with other sport science disciplines and the various National Sports Associations. This enables us to structure athletic conditioning programmes that are evidence-based and sports-specific. Using various innovative methods and technology, we are able to improve athlete’s sports-specific skills development.

Coaches of the Strength and Conditioning Unit are responsible for administering and supervising programs to help our athletes progressively explore their full potential for optimal performance. 

The services provided by the Strength and Conditioning Unit include:

  • Improving the strength base of our athletes
  • Developing the right exercise techniques for our athletes
  • Individual programmes to address our athletes' specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving our athletes' physical conditioning through sports-specific conditioning sessions
  • Improving our athletes' multi-planar movement through agility and speed sessions
  • Measuring and monitoring our athletes' strength and functional performance
  • Advising and counselling our athletes about strength training and conditioning methods
  • Using research to determine ways and strategies to optimise our athletes' sporting performance
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