Singapore Sport Science & Technology Research Grant

The Singapore Sport Science & Technology Research Grant (SSSTRG) is an initiative of Sport Singapore through the Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) which aims to support multidisciplinary sports R&D for capability development and for supporting Team Singapore athletes and coaches. 

More specifically, the purpose of the SSSTRG is to:

  1. Build capability and capacity for sports-related science, medicine and technology research in Singapore;

  2. Promote training of young scientists in the area of sports-related science, technology and innovation;

  3. Harness national science and technology capabilities for smart solutioning to achieve success for Team Singapore athletes and coaches; and

  4. Encourage and stimulate collaborative research.

Through the SSSTRG, the research findings and practical applications should be harnessed to enhance performance of athletes, advance Singapore’s sports science, technology and innovation and produce high quality publications for knowledge generation and the training of specialists in the domain of sports-related R&D.

Sport Singapore is the SSSTRG grant agency and SSI will be the executing arm for the grant.

Call for Proposals

The 2017 Grant Call for the Singapore Sports Science & Technology Research Grant is now CLOSED

Research Themes

Proposals should target high performance for athletes in the following areas:


Research Theme


Environmental physiology and adaptation to enhance sports performance


Biomechanical and performance analysis for sports performance enhancement and injury prevention


Mental conditioning, mental well-being and mental recovery for optimal sports performance


Optimising post-exercise adaptations and sports performance via sports nutrition science


Training strategies to enhance acute sports performance and/or chronic adaptations

Eligibility Criteria 

Eligible Applicants 

Publicly-funded institutions and government-link entities based in Singapore under the following categories are eligible for the SSSTRG:

  • Singapore Sports Institute
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • National Laboratories / Research Institutions
  • Hospitals / Medical Institutions

Collaboration with SSI

All potential applicants are required to involve SSI as a collaborator on the proposed project. Applicants are required to approach SSI and discuss their project ideas with SSI’s Sports Scientists. This will help ensure that grant funds are maximised such that project outcomes and its impact are targeted and aligned with Team Singapore’s high performance sports goals.

Existing Funding

Research projects which are already receiving other sources of funding will NOT be eligible for the SSSTRG.

Funding Quantum 

Up to S$50,000 (inclusive of GST & 20% indirect cost)


Up to 12 months 

Application Submission

Interested applicants are required to submit the title and an abstract of their proposed project by 28 April 2017, 5pm via email to:

In no more than 300 words, the abstract should concisely describe the specific aims, hypotheses, methodology and approach of the research, including the potential research outcomes and its practical applications in the area of high performance sport in Singapore.

Based on the title and abstracts submitted, SSI can facilitate to link up applicants with the appropriate sports scientists in SSI to collaborate on the project.

The SSSTRG Officer will follow up with shortlisted applicants in May 2017 on the next steps which involves the submission of a detailed research proposal.  Submission deadline for the detailed research proposal is 30 June 2017.

Results of the 2017 grant award is projected to be announced in September 2017.

More Information

If you have any queries relating to the grant:


Mailing Address:

Attn: SSSTRG Officer

Sport Singapore
Singapore Sports Institute
3 Stadium Drive
Singapore 397630

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