SSI Annual Symposium 2014

About the SSI Symposium

Into its third year after its inauguration in 2012, the SSI Symposium is a yearly meeting of academics, scientists, and coaches in the field of elite sports. The two-day symposium is a showcase of global expertise in high performance sports and product demonstration. Renowned regional and international speakers will share the latest knowledge and applications in sport science and technology during the symposium. Despite being in its infancy, past editions of the symposium have included many breakthroughs in the area of sports science and technology, and have provided a vibrant discussion ground for ideas and perspectives to be shared. The latest innovations and discoveries in sport science and technology were presented during the symposium, and provided an excellent avenue for various coaches, researchers, and sports business industry partners to learn from one another.

This year’s symposium is titled “New Frontiers in Elite Sport Performance”, and we have invited a range of world-leading speakers from around the globe to share the latest knowledge and applications on sport science and technology. The two day symposium was held on 10-11 Nov at the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub. The keynote speakers for this symposium are Dr Inigo Mujika, a world leading sport physiologist and associate professor at University of Basque Country, and Dr Patrick Goh, a specialist sport physician and chairman of the Southeast Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization. The topics discussed at the symposium include sport science, sport analytics, sport medicine, and sport technology.

SSI Annual Symposium Presentations

SSI Annual Symposium Programme
Keynote presentation by A/Prof Mujika - Sports Science contribution to elite sports
Keynote presentation by Dr Patrick Goh - Emergiing Biological Solutions for Sports Injuries
Presentation by Marcel Daane - How Understanding The Brain Improves Performance 
Presentation by Dr He Zihong - A study of overreaching in elite female Chinese Wrestlers 
Presentation by Prof Tim Cable - Training-induced adaptations in the vascular system
Presentation by Dr Donny Soh - Sports Wearables in the 21st Century 
Presentation by Prof Narasimman Sundararajan - Drones for Active Sports Training & Monitoring 
Presentation by Dr Raymond So - Sports Medicine System at Hong Kong Sports Institute 
Presentation by Ms Saeko Takahashi - Injury prevention method 
Presentation by Ms Yeo Hwee Koon - Enhancing Clinical Assessment with Sport Specific Functional Screening 
Presentation by Mr Amman Benoit - Video technologies within Elite Sport 
Presentation by Ms Eesha Shah - Use of Social Network Analysis


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