Safeguarding Officers

The Safeguarding Officer is responsible for ensuring the necessary safeguarding policies are enforced and maintained within their respective sport. They are the first point-of-contact for anyone in need and serve as a source of support and advice for any Safe Sport-related matters. 


Roles & Responsibilities of the Safeguarding Officer 

  • The Safeguarding Officer within a sport organisation has the primary responsibility in managing and reporting any concerns related to breaches of Safe Sport practices to SportSG’s Safe Sport Taskforce.
  • To be trained in responding to Safe Sport related cases and to be able to refer to the relevant authorities (e.g. SportSG Safe Sport Taskforce and SPF).
  • To be able to provide first responder support to victim who report of any Safe Sport related cases.
  • Act as a source of support, advice and expertise to staff, participants and volunteers in safeguarding-related matters.
  • To liaise with SportSG Safe Sport Taskforce on Safe Sport policy development and awareness training.
  • To promote Safe Sport practices to all staff, participants and volunteers or to all members of the sporting fraternity.
  • Main point of contact and representative for the organisation for any safeguarding matters. 
  • Ensure safeguarding standards are met and maintained within the organisation. 
  • Lead in maintaining and reviewing the organisation’s implementation plan for safeguarding sport.

*All National Sports Associations are required to appoint a safeguarding officer for their sport, who will take on a two-year appointment.


  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Background in Psychology or Counselling is a bonus but not a requirement
  • Comfortable in counselling victims
  • Knowledgeable in the sport
  • Experience in policy work is an advantage
  • Willing to learn on laws around harassment and abuse
  • Willing to learn and drive the Safe Sport efforts
  • Sensitive, understanding, mature, and patient
  • Minimally O Levels


List of Safeguarding Officers

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