Introduction to Modified Olympic Lifts for Sports Performance

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Introduction to Modified Olympic Lifts for Sports Performance

(For All NROC Coaches)


Many athletes require explosive power and quickness to enhance their sports performance. Medicine balls and plyometrics are often used to train quickness. However, these methods do not effectively enhance explosiveness (strength-speed) that is usually needed in field-based sports such as basketball and rugby. 1 alternative is to utilise modified olympic lifts to train the force component of power development.

This workshop aims to empower participants with the technical knowledge and technique execution of the modified olympic lifts. The approach shared will enhance learning by following the motor learning continuum of progressing from simple to complex, resulting in the movement technique to be performed more efficiently, effectively and ultimately safely.

The hands-on portion of the workshop focuses on the participants actively practising the technique they learn (with broomstick / light implement). This technique focuses on the specific positions and actions required to construct a complete lift. Breaking down the technique in this manner, gives coaches the ability to progress the lifts incrementally, spot errors, cue positions effectively, and see movement compensations at any stage.

The topics covered in this workshop are:

  • Basic lifting techniques
  • Coaching methodology
  • Principles of power development
  • Exercises to develop technique and power
  • Progressive development of technique
  • Movements Covered: High Pull, Push Press, Snatch, Clean

This workshop aims to empower participants with the technical knowledge and technique execution of the modified Olympic lifts. 

About the Presenter

This workshop will be facilitated by Mr Julian Lim. Julian has been involved in high performance strength and conditioning for the past decade for elite, national and amateur level athletes. This has given him extensive skills and experience in the field of sport performance conditioning and research development. Julian has also completed his Master’s Degree in strength and conditioning research, investigating the effects of post-activation on maximal sprint performance of Singapore’s national track and field athletes. His postgraduate studies had enabled him to gain knowledge in the area of strength / power performance monitoring (e.g. force plate and linear transducer system integrations). This has translated into scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals investigating the efficacy of PAP protocols in enhancing athletic performance.

Date and Time

Upcoming intakes:

  • 5 September 2020 (Saturday), 10am to 11.30am


Online via Zoom. The link will be sent to participants nearer to the date


  • Original price – S$42.80 per pax
  • NROC Coaches – S$37.50 per pax 

CCE Hours

1.5 hours per intake


Please register hereby:

  1. 5 September 2020 (Saturday) intake: by 2 September 2020 (Wednesday)

For more queries, please e-mail or call 9232 0263 / 9753 0335


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