Introduction to Disability Sports

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Introduction to Disability Sports

(For All NROC Coaches)


One of the strategic narratives of V2030 is ‘Sport without Boundaries’. Sport should be inclusive, with opportunities for persons of all abilities to participate. Every individual should be able to experience the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle through sports, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or religion. ‘Sport without Boundaries’ is premised on the universality of sport, and the initiatives under this narrative aim to achieve a more inclusive society where opportunities are available for everyone to live better through sport (Disability Sports Master Plan, 2016).

Sport has long been recognised for its ability to empower persons with disabilities (PwDs) and improve their overall quality of life. A larger social benefit also stems from its ability to shape societal attitudes towards PwDs (Disability Sports Master Plan, 2016). One of the thrusts under the Disability Sports Master Plan (DSMP) aims to develop professional coaching and technical expertise in disability sports industry for Singapore.

In this “Introduction to Disability Sports”, participants will get an opportunity to understand disability awareness and sports delivery system in Singapore for disability sports. You will also identify the barriers and facilitators faced by PWDs in sports. Participants will also get to explore a practical tool designed to adapt and modify their coaching programmes / activities to be more inclusive.  Through using the tool for sports inclusion, participants will identify different types of ways that can impact their coaching practices for PWDs.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Adopt Sport as a Strategy to support the Disability Sports Master Plan
  • Know the different types of disability and apply the use of appropriate language and terminology
  • Understand the local and international disability sports delivery systems
  • Learn to identify the barriers and opportunities to facilitate sports participation in PWDs
  • Use the different ways to help PWDs engage in sport as a fun, meaningful and enjoyable experience
  • Learn to apply a practical framework to help coaches adapt and modify activities to be more inclusive.

Date and Time / Cost and Payment

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This course is conducted online to facilitate off-campus learning from home. 

CCE Hours

5 hours per workshop


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