#ForCoachesByCoaches - Coaching Table Tennis Beginners at All Ages

Time: 11 September 2019 (Wednesday), 10am to 12pm

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‘CCEs – by NROC Coaches, for NROC Coaches’ (#ForCoachesByCoaches) Programme

‘Coaching Table Tennis Beginners at All Ages’ by CoachSG and NROC Coach

(For Table Tennis Coaches only)


The objective(s) of this workshop are to:

  • Share the experience of coaching beginners in Table Tennis
  • Understand the key elements for more effective coaching process

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand more about the skills of coaching table tennis beginners at all ages.
  2. Conduct a more effective coaching programme for table tennis beginners at all ages

About the Presenters

This workshop will be conducted by Ms Chan Lai Sze Beatrice. Beatrice is an NROC Table Tennis coach with 8 years of sports coaching experience, having coached at a variety of settings including:

  • MOE schools
  • MOE Table Tennis Junior Sports Academy (JSA) – for beginners from MOE schools
  • Sports Education Programme (SEP) – mainly for beginners from MOE schools
  • Private coaching – mainly for beginners at all ages

Beatrice was an ex-badminton player, she changed to table tennis after getting knee injury. Starting from a novice in table tennis, she had gone through the whole learning process, same as other beginners, she deeply understands the common mysterious for a beginner. After few years of skill analysis, she eventually found out an effective way to solve the mysterious shortly. Beatrice implements her findings in her JSA, SEP and private coaching programmes, as at today the outcome and feedback are very positive and encouraging.

Beatrice also has umpiring experience as Chief Umpire of the National School Games and Deputy Referee at ASEAN School Games, and is currently a member of Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) Referee Team.

Date and Time

11 September 2019 (Wednesday), 10am to 12pm


SSI Biomechanics Lab

Level 1, Sport Singapore

3 Stadium Drive

Singapore 397630

Cost and Payment

  • NROC Coaches: FREE
  • Non-NROC Coaches: S$20.00 per pax. Payment can be made in cheque (preferred) or cash:
  1. Cheque payment


    1. Cheque must be made payable to Singapore Sports Council
    2. Indicate your name, contact number and ‘BSS / SG-Coach Theory Accreditation’ on the reverse side of the cheque
    3. Mail cheque to:

      CoachSG, Sport Singapore, 3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630


  2. Cash payment


  1. Fix appointment with CoachSG on payment date and time
  2. Arrive at Sport Singapore office (address above) at prearranged payment date and time
  3. Make payment with exact amount

CCE Hours

2 hours


Thank you for your interest. This workshop is full and closed for registration.


Please note that the provision of publicity and recognition of CCE hours for the above courses/workshops/seminar is purely informative and coaches are advised to select their choice of CCE courses/workshops/seminars best suited for their learning needs. Sport Singapore does not have direct regulatory powers over the organisers delivering the publicised courses/workshops/seminars.

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