Coaching from the Inside Out

Time: 11 November 2019 (Monday) to 21 November 2019 (Thursday); twice a week

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Coaching from the Inside Out by Republic Polytechnic (RP) and 3D International

(For All NROC Coaches)


The 3D Transformational Coaching aims to transform sport through the transformed coach. Most coaches understand the fundamentals and psychology of coaching, which are the first two dimensions. But to be successful at coaching today’s athletes, coaches need to start coaching athletes from the inside out.

A combination of facilitated small group workshops and e-learning will provide a framework for coaching that addresses all 3 dimensions of an athlete. You will discuss strategies to: 

  • Combat ‘entitlement’ mentality
  • Motivate athletes from within
  • Build confidence
  • Harness emotions
  • Increase team cohesion
  • Effectively set goals
  • Cultivate character

The course will be based on materials from the 3D Institute, an organisation established in 2014 to meet the growing professional development needs of the international sports coaching community.

This course is suitable for sports coaches. A minimum 10 pax and maximum 12 pax will be allowed per course. Class size for each course is kept small to facilitate deep learning and reflection. Coaches who complete this course will receive a joint certificate by RP and 3D International.

About the Presenter

Loh Ngiap Tai is a CET (Continuing Education and Training) Associate Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic (RP). He is an NROC Senior Coach (Football). In addition, he is the Managing Director of FootballPlus Singapore, a football academy that uses a values-based programme to help children from low income families in Singapore. Ngiap Tai is also a Premier Skills coach educator, an international programme by the British Council and the Premier League to use football for community development.

Date and Time

The duration of this course is on these specific dates and timing:

  • 11 November 2019 (Monday), 8am to 3pm
  • 14 November 2019 (Thursday), 8am to 3pm
  • 18 November 2019 (Monday), 8am to 3pm
  • 21 November 2019 (Thursday), 8am to 3pm
Total 24 contact hours excluding 12 hours of e-learning.


Lifelong Learning Lab

Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore 408601


All pricing below includes GST:

  • Original price: S$385.20 per pax
  • Workfare Training Scheme (WTS): S$25.56 per pax
  • Singapore Citizens (aged 40 and above): S$38.52 per pax
  • SME-employed Singapore Citizens & SPR: S$43.56 per pax
  • Singapore Citizens aged below 40 OR Singapore PR: S$115.56 per pax
CCE Hours

Up to 10 hours


  • Minimum 10 pax and maximum 12 pax allowed per course 
  • Please click here for registration. Registration closes on 28 October 2019 (Monday)
  • For enquiries, please e-mail


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