We provide funding opportunities for the development of coach education programmes by the National Sports Associations (NSAs) and continuing coach education pursuits by individual coaches.

Coach Development Grant

The Coach Development Grant (CDG) provides financial assistance to individual sports coaches who wish to upgrade their coaching knowledge and skills via attending coaching attachments, conferences, short-term courses, workshops and seminars as well as obtaining a Degree or Diploma, both locally and overseas.

Updates on CCE Grant and SG-Coach Development Grant

With effect from 1 April 2018:

  • CCE Grant will cease to exist as a grant. It will be converted to a CCE co-investment model, where CoachSG and NSA will partner, co-fund and co-design CCE programmes (e.g. a series of workshops). Under the CCE co-investment model, NSAs are strongly encouraged to submit their CCE proposals to CoachSG for evaluation. Each proposal should include details such as programme objectives, facilitator(s) profile(s), schedule and resourcing requirement. Proposals will be evaluated and supported based on its strategic value to SportSG and the needs of coaching communities of the sport. The funding amount for each project will be based on these considerations, as well as availability of funds.

  • SG-Coach Development Grant will cease to exist as a grant. It will be subsumed under Annual NSA Grant’s ‘Coach Education & Development’ component, and will be ring-fenced for SG-Coach Technical / Integrated curriculum review and development purposes only. This is to encourage NSAs to look into reviewing and developing SG-Coach Technical / Integrated curriculum for their sport. On a yearly basis, CoachSG will prioritise the sports due for SG-Coach Technical / Integrated curriculum review / development, work with identified NSAs to set Key Deliverables and milestones for the project, and follow through with these NSAs on the project. CoachSG may provide a list of qualified curriculum developers to assist NSAs with their SG-Coach Technical / Integrated curriculum development effort.
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