Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

The Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme gives coaches the platform to continually upgrade themselves in their area of coaching. Sport Singapore believes that coaches are able to deliver higher standards of coaching as they become more proficient and knowledgeable.

For a list of CCE programmes conducted or publicized by the Coaching Development department, please refer to the Course Calendar.

Sport Singapore’s Role in CCE

Sport Singapore is responsible for: 

  • Identifying and/or organising useful upgrading activities (e.g. courses, conferences, seminars, clinics, etc.) for coaches
  • Working with the respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) and other relevant bodies to provide a comprehensive CCE programme for coaches

Sport Singapore reserves the right to validate the credibility of the CCE activities, either with the respective NSAs or any other respective organisations and appointed agencies.

ForCoachesByCoaches Programme

CoachSG cordially invites NROC coaches to conduct CCE workshops as NROC Coach Presenters. Key benefits of participating in this programme include:

  1. Receive additional CCE hours
  2. Receive partial reimbursement for your time
  3. Share knowledge and expertise with, learn from and network with other coaches

You can download the 'CCE Workshop - Session Outline' template here. For further queries, please e-mail

NROC coaches who conduct CCE workshop(s) under this programme must meet all of the criteria below:


  1. Have minimum 5 years of regular sports coaching experience (i.e. at least weekly coaching)
  2. Have a clearly articulated sports coaching philosophy that is aligned with SportSG and CoachSG’s philosophies
  3. Have proven sports coaching track record2
  4. Have specialty in a particular area (e.g. youth sports, disability sports), and is theoretically sound in the fundamental principles of sports coaching
  5. Have good command of English (speaking, presenting)
  6. Have prior experience in teaching and / or class facilitation, preferably in the context of sports coaching (e.g. delivery of coaching courses)


2 ‘Proven track record’ refers to either a track record of success at sports competitions and / or consistent history of sports coaching jobs / assignments.

NROC Requirement

NROC requires coaches to upgrade themselves continually to maintain high coaching standards. NROC membership is valid for three years, during which time coaches are coaches are expected to accumulate minimum learning hours by attending regular CCE activities. Up to 10 CCE hours may be awarded for a recognised CCE activity. Learning hours can be acquired in 2 main areas: 

  • Coaching Practice 
  • Coach Education

There are four types of membership status in the NROC:




Refers to coaches who have fulfilled all the NROC criteria and membership renewal requirements.


Refers to coaches who have fulfilled all the NROC criteria but did not meet the membership renewal requirements, i.e., failed to acquire the required number of learning hours or failed to send in renewed Standard First Aid.


Refers to coaches who have failed to meet the membership renewal requirements for a continuous period of nine years. The coach's name will be removed from the Registry.


Refers to coaches who have either breached the Coach's Code of Ethics or are under investigation, pending a decision from the Board of Inquiry. Re-instatement of membership will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

In order to keep their status "Active" in the NROC, coaches are required to accumulate the following number of learning hours (depending on their level of certification) within each 3-year period.

Please note that National Sports Associations (NSAs) may develop their own sports-specific continuing coach education system. To be eligible for NROC membership renewal, coaches of these NSAs must also meet the requirements set by their NSAs, in addition to fulfilling the registry’s existing criteria for renewal.

NROC Level 

 Learning Hours Required



 30 hours in 3 years

50% (i.e., 15hrs) for coaching practice 50% (i.e., 15hrs) for coach education


 60 hours in 3 years

60% (i.e., 36hrs) for coaching practice 40% (i.e., 24hrs) for coach education


 100 hours in 3 years

70% (i.e., 70hrs) for coaching practice 30% (i.e., 30hrs) for coach education

Coaching e-Log Book

The Coaching Logbook has now gone digital, and you can access it within your SportSync account – you may access the e-Logbook guide here.

The purpose of the Coaching e-Log Book is to record coaching experiences and upgrading courses attended by a coach. It will also be used as a point of reference for a coachs eligibility to renew their NROC membership upon its expiry.

How to use your Coaching e-Logbook

  • Upon completing a coaching activity, fill in the appropriate details within the Coaching Education/Practice (see image below for example) section within your SportSync account.
    • You may obtain proof of attendance via:
      • Group photo of session attended
      • Email verification of attendance
      • Obtain a signature of the coordinator and/or official stamp of the organising body on a piece of paper and upload the image of it to your SportSync account.

Please click here for a screenshot for coaching e-log book in SportSync.


  • The number of hours recorded in the Coaching Log Book but be equal to the number of hours spent on that activity. Sport Singapore will work with relevant course/programme organisers to link the recorded attendance of NROC members of their courses/programmes to Sport Singapore's database records
  • All learning activities cannot be completed in the space of one year and must be spread over the three-year period.
  • Coaches should submit the completed Log Book together with NROC membership renewal at least three months prior to their membership expiry date. Sport Singapore and the NSAs will be responsible for reviewing the Log Book and the renewal application. 

Update on CCE Hours Requirement

From 1 May 2018, Self-Guided CCE hours will be included as part of the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme. This modification in the CCE programme is made through consultation with coaches and the Sports Coaches Association of Singapore (SCA). Coaches can now opt to fulfil certain CCE hours (see Table 1) through self-guided learning and reflection (see Table 2). Reflection examples and templates are included at the end of this section.

Recognition of Self-Guided CCE hours encourages coaches to be self-directed learners, especially since coaches may have learning needs specific to their sport and context. In addition, Self-Guided CCE hours gives coaches additional flexibility in fulfilling CCE hours requirement. Critical self-reflection is vital to the continued success of coaches as coaches often learn without the direct guidance of others during coaching activities. Self-Guided CCE hours will allow coaches to reflect upon and record these learning from their day-to-day coaching practices. 

FAQs on this update can be found here.

Table 1 - New CCE Hours Requirement

NROC Level

Min. Coaching

Practice Hours

Min. Coaching Education Hours

Attendance CCE Hours

Self-Guided CCE Hours

Level 1 (Coach)



Not more than 3

Level 2 (Senior Coach)



Not more than 12

Level 3 (Master Coach)



Not more than 18


Table 2 - Examples of Coaching Practice and Coaching Education

Coaching Practice Hours

Coaching Education



Coaching an individual / team at any level

Attending SG-Coach Theory Levels 1 to 3

* Watching coaching related videos


Centralised Training for athletes

Attending SG-Coach Technical Levels 1 to 3

* Reading coaching related books, magazines and journal articles


Mentoring other coaches

Attending Elite Performance Level courses

* Conversation with coaches related to coaching


Understudying a senior coach

Attending CCE courses by SportSG, NSA

& other sporting organisation



Assisting a national or senior coach

Lecturing at coaching related courses, seminars or workshops to coaches



Introducing new methods or

improving methods of coaching

Presentation of papers in sport conferences and seminars




Contributing published articles in coaching journals, newsletter or other relevant publications


* Other educational activities not covered by attendance-based activities (check with CoachSG)


Those in * are newly added activities while the rest are already printed in the NROC log book.

We may request for coaches to furnish information related to the course content and articulate its application to their coaching practice for us to evaluate its suitability as a CCE activity. Before taking the course, we would strongly encourage coaches to submit the course information to us, so that we would be able to advise whether the course can be considered as a CCE activity. Please note that Standard First Aid (SFA), CPR and AED courses (including refresher courses) will NOT be awarded CCE hours as these are considered standard requirement for coaches.

Reflection examples can be found here:

  1. Reflection Example 1
  2. Reflection Example 2
  3. Reflection Example 3

Coaches may use the following templates to create their own reflection notes:

  1. Reflection Template 1
  2. Reflection Template 2

If you need help on uploading your reflection note onto SportSync, you may refer to this document on the steps required.


Please refer to the Course Calendar Page for a list of coach education activities organised by Sport Singapore.

For more information, coaches can contact CoachSG at

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