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Dear Coaches,

The COVID-19 situation has been a challenging time for all of us as face-to-face trainings and sports events are cancelled. Home-based learning (HBL) has become a new norm as schools are engaging their students through online lessons and many industries are also engaging their clients through online video-conferencing. As such, more than ever as coaches we need to adapt to the changing situations and equip ourselves with the necessary skills and resources to conduct coaching online. We believe that when this season is over, the upskilling that we commit ourselves to during this time will enable us to be more adept at adopting multi-pronged approaches in engaging our athletes through both offline and online means. We have prepared some resources that we hope will get your started on / enhance your online coaching practice and experience:


Getting Started to Coach Online

1. Guides for Online Coaching Practice

A. Quick-Starter Guide on Using Video-Conferencing Tools for E-Coaching

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, CoachSG has compiled a quick starter guide on available video-conferencing platforms that you can use to  conduct your coaching online. Included in this guide are quick starter videos, features of the respective platforms and also price plans. Most of the mentioned platforms provide free features that are sufficient to kickstart online coaching sessions:

Quick Starter Online Video Conferencing Resource for Your Coaching

(A video on how to use the various e-coaching platforms can be viewed here)

B. Coaches Digital Curriculum Design Capabilities

Bringing our coaching online may seem foreign to most but it has many similar principles as coaching physically. This guide will enable you to prepare your online coaching sessions through step-by-step guidance and provides questions that you can ask yourself to ensure an enjoyable and effective coaching experience both for you and your athletes:

Design eCoaching Session

(A video on how to design e-coaching sessions can be viewed here)

C. Designing a Word Up Challenge

CoachSG shares the ways to record your videos and how to convert them into gifs so that you will be able to create your own Word Up Challenge.

Designing a Word Up Challenge

(A video on how to design Word Up Challenges can be viewed here)


2. Online Coaching Opportunities

a. ActiveSG Circle

The ActiveSG Circle enables you to amplify your reach by contributing coaching content. It is easy to get started by:

  • Creating your coach profile
  • Submit your virtual class schedule
  • Conduct pre-recorded classes or host live classes

b. CoachSG is currently working to offer more coaching opportunities for coaches during this period. So watch this space for updates.


3. Online Materials to Supplement Your E-Coaching

  1. CoachSG YouTube ChannelSubscribe to us for an array of coaching videos that you can adapt for your online coaching needs
  2. Follow CoachSG on Facebook Instagram @coachsgofficial for educational posts and updates
  3. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Online Resources for Coaches: There is a vast array of articles and videos that you can leverage for content to enhance your coaching and interaction with your athletes.
  4. CoachSG Home-Based Learning (HBL) VideosEach set of learning package for the various sport / activities contains a wide range of movements / skills that are building blocks for complex and advanced sport skills. They can be used individually or strung together in a pre-determined set or sequence. Engaging in the various sport/activities promotes cross-sport learning and training for all-round physical literacy.
CoachSG HBL Videos Directory


Sports Resilience Package (SRP)

In October 2020, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) announced the roll-out of the S$50 million Sports Resilience Package (SRP) to support critical players in our sports ecosystem, preserve core capabilities in athlete pathway and pipeline development, and catalyze industry to provide innovative sports formats for Singaporeans to continue to stay active during the pandemic. Within the SRP, S$2.5 million has been set aside for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Training Allowance. Please click here to read the terms and conditions of this allowance.

A separate CCE Training Allowance terms and conditions document for fitness instructors is available here.


Online Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Resources

NROC coaches may consider attending the following online courses to accumulate Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours. For more information on CCE, please visit this link.

After completing each course, please upload (a) your e-certificate or (b) screenshot(s) showing that you have completed the course onto your SportSync account to claim CCE hours for the course.

For more queries, please e-mail

Online Learning Resources

WADA CoachTrue User Guide


Other Resources

CoachSG Events

CoachSG Conference 2019

CoachSG Conference 2018

CoachSG Conference 2017


Workshop Videos and Presentation Materials from Past Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Workshops

25 Feb 2023 - Hamstring Rehabilitation - From Injury to Performance


Sports Hub Library


Research Articles

Does Smoking Affect Exercise Performance?

Smoking’s detrimental effects on performance is well documented and we would like to share with you an article written by Dr Frankie Tan (Head, Sport Science & Medicine Centre) and Dr Abdul Rashid Aziz (Team Lead & Senior Sport Physiologist) entitled ‘Does Smoking Affect Exercise Performance’. The article pulls together the numerous research evidence showing the negative effects of smoking on sports performance, both acute and chronic.

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