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Sport Singapore recommends a range of learning resources for coaches:

Does Smoking Affect Exercise Performance?

Smoking’s detrimental effects on performance is well documented and we would like to share with you an article written by Dr Frankie Tan (Head, Sport Science & Medicine Centre) and Dr Abdul Rashid Aziz (Team Lead & Senior Sport Physiologist) entitled ‘Does Smoking Affect Exercise Performance’. The article pulls together the numerous research evidence showing the negative effects of smoking on sports performance, both acute and chronic.

Sports Hub Library

Sports Hub Library's catalogue offers a list of sports coaching titles suitable for coaches' learning purposes. For the most updated listing of coaching titles in both book and video, please visit the Sports Hub Library.

Recommended coaching titles at Sport Hub Library:

General Coaching

  • Excel in Sports and Studies: You can do it (by Steven Quek C.H.)
  • The Victory Dance: Placing yourself in the Winner's Circle in Sports and in Life (by Nancy Pristine)
  • Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance (by Iñigo Mujika)
  • Coaching Education: Designing Quality Programs (by Jody A. Brylinsky)
  • An Introduction to Sports Coaching: Connecting Theory to Practice (edited by Robyn L. Jones and Kieran Kingston)
  • Coaching Issues & Dilemmas: Character Building through Sport Participation (by Carol L. Alberts)
  • Coaching Knowledges: Understanding the Dynamics of Sport Performance (by Jim Denison)
  • Creative Coaching (by Jerry Lynch)
  • The Power of Positive Coaching (by Raymond M. Nakamura)
  • The Ethics of Sports Coaching (edited by Alun R. Hardman and Carwyn Jones)
  • The Human Side of Coaching (by Jim Dietz)
  • Don't Blame the Coach: Getting a High School Student-Athlete to the next Level (by Freddie Smith)
  • Developing Personal, Social and Moral Education through Physical Education: A Practical Guide for Teachers (by Anthony Laker)
  • Take the Lead: Make Youth Sports what they are Meant to be (by Kathy Hogan)
  • A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring (by John Wooden and Don Yaeger)

Specialized Coaching

  • Sport Nutrition for Coaches (by Leslie Bonci)
  • Teaching your Child with Love and Skill: A Guide for Parents and other Educators of Children with Autism, including Moderate to Severe Autism (by Joyce Show)
  • Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology (by Rainer Martens)
  • The Complete Guide to Endurance Training (by Jon Ackland)
  • Conditioning for Combat Sports (by Steve Scott and John Saylor)
  • Anatomy of Strength Training: The 5 Essential Exercises (by Pat Manocchia)
  • Complete Guide to Youth Fitness Testing (by Margaret J. Safrit)
  • Power Plyometrics: The Complete Program (by McNeely, Sandler)
  • The Art of Coaching Kids (by John R. Frew)
  • The Complete Book of Resistance Training (by Tony Lycholat)
  • So you want to be a Strength Coach?: A Guide on Getting into the Industry (by Bredan Chaplin)

Sports-Specific Coaching

  • Coaching Archery: For Beginning to Intermediate Coaches (by Steve Ruis)
  • Badminton: Basics to Brilliance - Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • Practice Perfect Baseball / American Baseball Coaches Association (edited by Bob Bennett)
  • Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills / American Sport Education Program with Kathy McGee
  • Cycle Racing: How to Train, Race and Win Gold: Track Racing, Road Racing, Time Trialling, Mountain Bike Racing, Cyclo-Cross (by William Fotheringham)
  • Bowling: Ten Keys to Success (by Fred Borden)
  • The Champion in You: Lessons from Professional Boxing about How to Succeed in Life and Work (edited by Robert J. Schinke)
  • Cutting Edge Cricket (by Frank Pyke, Ken Davis)
  • Golf Digest's Ultimate Drill Book: Over 120 Drills that are Guaranteed to Improve Every Aspect of your Game and Lower your Handicap (by Jim McLean)
  • Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Exercises (by Karen M. Goeller)
  • How to Coach Hockey (by John Law)
  • The Smart Guide to Horses and Riding (by Dean Server)
  • The Complete Book of Triathlon Training (by Mark Kleanthous)
  • The Teaching of Judo = 柔道 (by Joe Salazar)
  • Bridging the Gap: Introducing Science and Conditioning to the Art of Karate (by Andrew Ahlsten)
  • The Official Rock 'n' Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training: Tips, Tools & Training to get you from Sign-up to Finish Line (by Mario Fraioli)
  • Coaching for Martial Artists: The Masterclass Text (by Christopher Dewey)
  • Netball Top Performance Techniques: A Guide to Improving Netball Performance (by Pamela Barham and Christine Maylor)
  • Traversing Walls: 68 Activities on and off the Wall (by Jim Stiehl, Dan Chase)
  • Periodization in Rugby (by Tudor Bompa & Frederick Claro)
  • Running: The Complete Guide to Building your Running Program (by John Stanton)
  • Sailing Fundamentals: The Official Learn-to-Sail Manual of the American Sailing Association (by Gary Jobson)
  • Shooting for Gold (by William Krilling, in collaboration with Robert K. Mitchell)
  • Soccer Training: Developing the 360° Player (by Martin Bidzinski)
  • Mastering Swimming: A Self-Help Guide for Coaches and Swimmers (edited by Anita Killmier)
  • Table Tennis: Steps to Success (by Richard McAfee)
  • Competitive Taekwondo (by Yong Sup Kil)
  • European Tennis: A Comparative Analysis of Talent Identification and Development (TID) (by Michael Seibold)
  • Karch Kiraly's Championship Volleyball (edited by Jon Hastings)
  • The High-Performance Triathlete (by Katherine Vaz & Barclay Kruse)
  • Science of Coaching Volleyball (edited by Carl McGown)
  • Polo: The Manual for Coach and Player (by Peter J. Cutino and Dennis R. Bledsoe)
  • Camille Duvall's Instructional Guide to Water Skiing (by Camille Duvall with Nancy Crowell)
  • Wheelchair Sports: Technique and Training in Athletics (by Ray Clark)
  • High Performance Sailing: Faster Racing Techniques (by Frank Bethwaite)
  • Including Youth with Disabilities in Outdoor Programs: Best Practices, Outcomes, and Resources (by Steve A. Brannan et al)

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Recommended Learning Resources

  • World Anti-Doping Agency's Education & Awareness Programmes offers the following CoachTrue modules:
    • CoachTrue - Elite
    • CoachTrue - Recreational

NROC coaches may clock an hour of Continuing Coaching Education requirement if they complete either one or both of the CoachTrue modules. Certificate(s) of completion must be attached to your log book for verification purposes.

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