ADS Tagline 


To achieve its vision that "Every Singaporean Athlete is a True Winner", one of the key strategies of Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) is through anti-doping education.

It is through our education programmes that ADS aims to: 

  • promote doping-free behavior that positively influence athletes' beliefs, attitudes and behavior toward doping in sport; and

  • create a generation of athletes and athlete support personnel who understand the values of competing fairly and cleanly.

Targeted at athletes competing at all levels and their support personnel, our education initiatives include:

  • Workshops for elite athletes to inform them of their anti-doping responsibilities and provide a range of relevant and up-to-date information so that they make informed and responsible decisions and reduce the risk of inadvertent doping.

  • Workshops for athlete support personnel to provide a range of relevant and up-to-date information that will help them understand the importance of doping-free sport and empower them to help athletes make informed and responsible decisions about the misuse of prohibited substances or methods. 

  • Outreach sessions to educate youth athletes about their anti-doping responsibilities in a fun and interactive manner.

To achieve this, ADS works closely with the various National Sports Associations, the Singapore National Olympic Council, Sport Singapore and various other governments agencies, such as the Ministry of Education and the Health Sciences Authority.


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