Q1: How do I check if my medication is safe for use in sport?

A1: Athletes can check all medications purchased in Singapore using the ADS CHECKDRUGS Database.


Q2: If I need to use medication or methods of treatment that are prohibited, how do I apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?

A2: TUE applications are to be completed with your doctor and submitted to ADS at ads@sport.gov.sg. Applications should include the necessary medical reports or evaluation where required. For more information on TUEs, please visit the TUE section.


Q3: How do I know if the supplements I use contain prohibited substances?

A3: Supplement manufacturers do not always list every ingredient on the product label. It may contain prohibited substances like steroids and stimulants that are banned. Athletes who use supplements should be aware of the risks of inadvertent doping from using supplements.


Q4: How do I update my Whereabouts Information?

A4: Athletes shall update their whereabouts information in ADAMS which can be accessed from the internet or the ADAMS application for iPhones and Android phones. In the event ADAMS is not working or available, whereabouts changes can be updated to ADS via email at ads@sport.gov.sg. For more information on whereabouts information, please visit the Whereabouts Information section.

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