Prohibited Associations

2015 WADA CodeThe World Anti-Doping Code was reviewed and the revised Code came into effect 1 January 2021.

Under the new Code Article 2.10 "Prohibited Association", all Athletes or other Persons competing under the jurisdiction of the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code are banned from working with Athlete Support Personnel who are currently sanctioned, or have been sanctioned within the past six years, for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation. Athletes who associate themselves with such Athlete Support Personnel can be sanctioned for up to two years.

Under the new Code Article 2.11, Acts by an Athlete or Other Person to Discourage or Retaliate against Reporting to Authorities is added to safeguard the safety and privacy of whistle-blowers. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published a global list of Athlete Support Personnel who are currently suspended from working with Athletes or other Persons. For the updated list, please refer to the WADA Prohibited Association List.





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