About ADS

The Government of Singapore was a signatory to the Copenhagen Declaration on Anti-Doping in Sport in 2003 and had also adopted the UNESCO International Convention Against Doping in Sport in 2005 by accession, thereby formally recognizing Singapore's commitment to implement the World Anti-Doping Code ("WAD Code").

Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) was established in 2010 by the then Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports as the national anti-doping authority for Singapore, and is a division within the Singapore Sports Council (rebranded as "Sport Singapore" or "SportSG" with effect from 1 April 2014) responsible for the implementation and management of the Anti-Doping Programme for sport in Singapore.

ADS' primary responsibilities are to:

(a) Plan, coordinate and implement an effective doping control programme;
(b) Advocate doping-free sport in Singapore through education programmes;
(c) Monitor National Sports Associations for their compliance with the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS Anti-Doping Rules, and the WADA Code;
(d) Pursue all potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction;
(e) Encourage reciprocal testing between national anti-doping organisations; and
(f) Promote anti-doping research.


ADS' mission is to ensure sport in Singapore is free of doping through the implementation of effective education, detection, research and international co-operation initiatives.



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