ActiveSG Staff Development

ActiveSG Staff Development

ActiveSG Training Centre (ATC) is at the forefront in the transformation journey towards a Learning Organisation.

We are committed to harness and develop our staff to their maximum potential through innovative learning and growth pathway.

This year we achieved the Workplace Learning Organisation of Competence (Gold) Award, conferred by the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE).

The award recognises our many learning initiatives to upskill and add value to our sport champions. Our three strategic pillars of Workplace Learning, Knowledge and Value Creation, and Networking and Partnership help pave the way.

To promote self-directed learning, ATC is also progressively embracing online learning through CSC Learn, SportSG-ED and access via mobile phone.

Our three strategic pillars

  1. Workplace Learning

    ATC develops and operationalises the workplace learning framework by adopting the 70-20-10 model in accordance with the National Workplace Learning Framework. The framework comprises of 6 key pillars: 


    Some courses focusing on contextualised classroom training (10%):

  • Fitness development pathway for Sport Champions e.g. Risk Management, Community Coach, Event, Volunteer & Sport Competition Management
  • Vocational Training e.g. Safe Sport Briefing, WSQ Service Excellence, Pool Maintenance

    Whereas, we have courses with a combination of classroom training (10%), mentorship (20%), On-the-job training (70%)

  • ActiveSG Leadership Programme (ALP)
  • Fitness Champion Course (FC)
  • Work Study Diploma (WSDip)
  • In-house Sports Clinic
  • Community Of Practice (e.g Care Champions, ActiveSG leaders, WSDip Assessors, FC trainers, Safeguarding officers)
  • Service Culture Training

     2. Knowledge & Value Creation

Together with our internal content experts, ATC partners them in designing and developing training curriculum for sport champions and ActiveSG executives.

ATC understands the learning profile and needs of our staff and provides advice on the designing, development and implementation of training curriculum and courseware.

Some examples are Serving with empathy, Introduction to Disability, Safe Sport Course.


    3. Networking & partnership

ATC collaborates closely with external stakeholders (e.g. Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) and corporate partners) in operationalising the Learning & Growth Pathway.

We design, develop and conduct SSG certified courses for public too e.g. WSQ Service Excellence

Awards & Recognition

We are proud to share with you our Gold awards!

Workplace Learning Organisation of Competence (Gold) Award, conferred by NACE


Director ATC, Serene Chua, received NACE Gold Award in Apr 2022





Work Study Diploma Gold awardee for Diploma in Community, Engagement & Development

Suria Saad received WSDiploma Gold Award in Dec 2021


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